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Hi guys, it’s Sam. And this is the first post where I’ll actually have to show something from A SCHOOL. That’s right. Almost at 250,000 views, this video is blowing up. I don’t know why we love it, but we just do. No wonder we did it at school for an assembly! If you’ve heard of “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas (ring a ding ding?), this is the BOOK REMIX. That’s right. Hosted by the students of Ocoee Middle School. You may have not heard of it, but I’ll just show it now:

Well? Huh? You heard of it? Well, if you do, please like this post below. If not, comment me why.

And even with some good practice, YOU yourself could learn the dance just like the kids at Ocoee Middle School! Oh, that reminds me! I’m hosting a little event: How many of you viewers can learn the dance? MASTER it? Do it without even bothering to LOOK? If you can, you got yourself 30 Blogger Points. Can you do it? Does a pelican tap dance?

But also, I’m wishing all viewers a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (WITH ALL MY HEART) HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!! That is, to any kids who still go to school, yeah.

Keep a book in your heart, viewers! Keep a book in your heart!

– Sam

p.s. Oh, and speaking of books, wait for the little surprise coming up on Sammwak…