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Hey guys it’s Sam, and needless to say, no braggadocio intended, I’m a darn good dancer. I’ve mastered Dance Central and beat Dance Central 2, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I can’t do full cartwheels or handsprings or flips (on trampolines, yes), but at least I can somersault without breaking my neck. I’ve seen a lot of dancing shows and said to myself, “I’m not nearly as good as them.” And there are lots of kids out there that can kick my fanny anytime, anywhere in dancing. There was even an entire successful show that chronicled the lives of young aspiring dancers and the dysfunctional relationships of their mothers intertwining with that of the choreographer. There are some kinds of moms out there: Soccer moms, basketball moms, football moms. And then there are Dance Moms.

This show just hit the radar last summer and is probably my most/only-watched Lifetime show to date. Dance Moms is about the Philly-based dance studio Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), started by its eponymous founder Abby Lee Miller at the age of fourteen. Now an adult, she is choreographing the dance routines for six (formerly eight) young female dancers: Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, Brooke and Paige Hyland, and Nia Frazier. (Not counting Payton Ackerman. She was Brooke’s replacement when she left for cheerleading tryouts, and she was kicked off the show upon Brooke’s sudden return in what is now the greatest plot twist in TV history.) Two former dancers were Kendall Vertes and Vivi-Anne Stein before they both transferred to ALDC’s bitter rivaled dance studio, Candy Apples. (Vivi-Anne is actually the daughter of the studio’s founder, the now hated “Crazy Cathy” Stein. The scariest part is that she was a former dance mom herself!) In every episode, Abby, the dancers, and their moms go to dance competitions around the country, from ones in their own backyard to others in even Michigan. Usually, the following things occur:

  • A) Something goes horribly wrong.
  • B) The dance moms get into arguments, as they usually should.
  • C) Everyone shuts their pieholes and the day goes by swimmingly.

At the start of the episode, there is a “Pyramid” that tracks, in Abby’s eyes, how good her dancers are doing. The Pyramid has actually evoked a viewer controversy due to its negative aspects, but Abby herself has admitted that the show’s producers are the makers of the Pyramid and not herself. :shock: The bottom 3 on the Pyramid are the worst of the bunch :cry:, the middle 2 are mediocre :???:, and the top 1 is the best :mrgreen:. Nia, Mackenzie, and Paige were the first at the bottom of the Pyramid, Chloe and Brooke were the first midpoint dancers, and Maddie was the first to top the charts. (Not surprising, considering she is Abby’s most favored dancer. :roll:) You may notice that the most recent episode of Dance Moms was last month (“Abbygeddon”, the season 2 finale), but as a lot of people ensure themselves online, the show has suddenly broken its thin ice with the cancellation bear 😈 and disappeared. 😦 Well, those people are wrong, because the third season has only begun. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Next Tuesday, Dance Moms is coming back, and the anticipation has been just as heated as the dance moms’ ever-continuing squabbling. Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why should I care?” Well, Dance Moms has been one of the most successful Lifetime shows on the market, mister! 😡 Anyway, you can check out Dance Moms when it returns on June 5 @ 9:00 on Lifetime! (Now make a decision, this or E3? :lol:) Can’t stand the wait? Check out the Dance Moms spinoff @ the Sunshine State, Dance Moms Miami, every Tuesday at 10:00 on Lifetime! 😀

Anyway, you might be disappointed by this topic :oops:, but stay tuned next Monday and you’ll probably get something even better! Leave a comment below about what you’d want me to talk about next, and make sure you subscribe, rate, like, reblog, share, and stay tuned! Because do you know what Benjamin Franklin once said? “A penny saved is a penny earned.” 8)

– Sam

p.s. Would You Rather o’ the Week: Would you rather…be the best dancer while ugly, or the worst dancer while beautiful?

p.p.s. Random Video o’ the Week: If you’ve been up to date with the Fine Brothers’ monitoring lately, you’ll hear about a new upcoming React series called Seniors React. There have been React shows starring kids, and teens, and now the sweet elderly. With the name changed to Elders React, watch as they cope and are questioned about the very viral hit that got a Kids React episode over 10 million views: the Nyan Cat. Some are vexed with the video’s repetition while others are indulged by it, but either way the first-ever Elders React episode has come sooner than expected, with 1.4 million views since last Thursday, as well as very positive reception with only 1% of disliking. So this seems like a good video to dedicate the week to.

p.p.s.s. If you’re bad enough to preview the show before it even releases, then go to http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/dance-moms to get to the show’s official site and check out an official sneak peek of a brand-new season three episode! Among this, you can check out other things like the show’s app, the dance moms’ blogs, tours of the dance moms’ homes, never-before-seen photos, the show’s “dance dictionary”, the weekly “Top Mom” competition, and even biographies behind the dance moms and Abby Lee herself! This is something you don’t want to miss, comrade. 😉

Hey guys it’s Sam, and I have some super juicy news to tell you. News that’ll make your day. News that’ll turn your life upside down. News that’ll…ah, you get the point. If you’re a fan of Scholastic-published graphic novel sagas like Magic Pickle or Knights of the Lunch Table, you’ve probably heard about Bone, the big boss of them all. Created by Jeff Smith in 1991 and alive until 2004 (with re-colored re-releases going from 2005 to 2009), and despite the fact that it lasted for only nine books, Bone is still a great ripple into the lake of Scholastic graphic novels, and it’s also a ten-time Eisner Award winner (like Oscars, but for comics). And you know how books get turned into movies way too frequently (Ramona and BeezusCharlotte’s WebJudy Moody, etc.)? Same thing’s happening to Bone, and brother/sister, my—and maybe your—dreams have been answered.

U like? Those were self-made Bone movie posters, son. And while the template for actual posters is to be determined (although you could consider mine, you have 100% permission, but give me credit and 5% of the total gross), the concept for a Bone movie has literally been around since the 90s, when Bone was just reaching its heyday. Back then, Nick Movies was the first to develop the idea and take action, but the rights were just recently claimed by Warner Bros. in ’08 (which explains the “a WARNER BROS production” label on my posters). And now, the studio’s finally moving forward with their great idea. Patrick Sean Smith, the man who created the recently-ended ABC Family show Greek, has been officially hired to adapt the script for P.J. Hogan (Muriel’s WeddingMy Best Friend’s Wedding, and 2003’s Peter Pan). If you don’t already know the story that has captivated millions, here it is: three Bone cousins, Fone, Phoney (real name: Phoncible), and Smiley have been exiled from their hometown of Boneville. Therefore, they embark in a series of wild fantasy adventures including rat creatures, “stick-eaters”, and a creepy hooded guy known and feared through the village as “the Hooded One” (basically, he’s Voldemort, Bone edition).

Although the format of the movie hasn’t been confirmed (if it isn’t animated like I want it to be.. >:-/), Mr. Hogan will be directing the movie at Animal Logic, home of animated movies like Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2and The Guardians of Ga’Hoole. This will most likely make the discussion come to a final conclusion that Bone will be a CGI animated film like I want it to be. The catch is, Animal Logic is an Australian company. So you know what that means—either Bone: The Movie will simply be Australian-American, or Bone is going to be a foreign movie. And if it’s gonna be a foreign movie, then that’s at least a month of my life wasted on anticipation. If you want to know how I want Bone to be structured, then here you go:


  1. Start off your first movie built after the first book, so it would be literally called Bone: Out from Boneville. If that does good (or if you simply want to, because Resident Evil‘s been going down critically but going up financially), then keep making movies until you make one for all 9 books. It’s hard trying to cram everything into one movie, and the Bone faithful will be really disappointed if their favorite series is only interpreted in one movie.
  2. Make the movie as kid-friendly as the first Harry Potter movieit wasn’t! That movie had giant trolls, 3-headed dogs, ghosts, and other crazy stuff. (It’s an astonishment that Harry Potter had PG ratings for the first 3 movies, including the 6th one later on.) Not that I’m saying that any of that was in the first Bone book, but you know what I mean. Have your fair share of kiddie and also non-kiddie in the movie, because if you take it too far, the makers will set the movie up for a PG-13 rating. And that’s a real bummer in the summer, because most of the Bone faithful I know are preteens. With every proceeding movie, make the series take more darker turns until literally, the MPAA has to give it a PG-13 rating. At least do what director Mike Newell did: save all the intensity for the fourth movie.
  3. If you’re gonna make the movie CGI, at least give it some good CGI visuals. The last thing I want is for Bone to end up looking like this when it hits the big screen:

Make the visuals rope the person in, because that’s how people usually want to watch movies/play video games/watch TV shows, or else the concept of Bone: The Movie will be a bust before it even releases. Don’t make the entire movie make viewers assume it was brought to us using 3DS Max, Maya (pronounced mie-yuh), Photoshop, and After Effects. Well…

4. Make voice acting reasonable. Thankfully I haven’t heard much of the three lead Bone stars being portrayed by the voices of child actors. Make the voicing reasonably acceptable, because this is what my brother told me: if you can’t make chemistry with the main character, it’s guaranteed that you’re not gonna like the entire work, because people focus the most on the main character. Mass Effect wouldn’t be the same without Commander Shepard, nor would Double Dragon be the same without Billy and Jimmy Lee. And for this, all I have to say is: don’t make the voicing annoying, but just a little grating, perhaps. Not like I’ve worked in film…unless you count school plays as film.

5. Stay true to what’s in the book. I know, this probably should’ve been #1, but hey. If you’re not gonna stick to what’s in the book, then you might as well scrap the idea of a Bone movie right now. Film adaptations are executed solely for sticking to what’s in the book. The movie Bridge to Terabithia gave us everything from the book, but in movie form. That’s actually bad, because you might as well leave some free space for audiences to find surprises and/or discoveries that they didn’t read in the book. This was the problem with about the 1st and 2nd Potter movies, simply said. You don’t want too much surprises, nor do you want too little. You want the perfect amount of discoveries while still staying truthful to the Bone tale.

6. Make sure you’ve even read the darn book yourself. No explanation necessary here.


Well, that’s all for now. I gotta go get some shut-eye, or whatever people call sleeping these days. But before you go, one last question: Are you excited for this entire plan at all?

…And, yes, I’m somewhat excited for it. Hey guys it’s Sam, and you might ask yourself, “Why is Sam releasing a post on Sunday when he’s usually an every-Monday kind of blogger?” And I might answer, “That’s a real good question. But the real sitch (slang shortening for “situation”. Have you even seen Kim Possible?) is that it might comprehend more, since a certain sporting event is on the same day this post came out. And what is that grand event? Well, none other but the Super Bowl XLVI (46), my friend. Since the day hasn’t come yet, lots of spots on the form have been left blank, if you know what I mean, and not even the teams have been yet announced. But the Super Bowl’s going from near the heart of Texas in Arlington to the heart of Indiana in Indianapolis, there’s probably something to remember with this Bowl.

The logo for the latest Bowl is literally identical to last year in 2011. Even 2010's Bowl logo was more original than this!

The teams that are officially playing in the Bowl (winners of the NFC and AFC championships) are the New York Giants and the New England Patriots (the fan-favorite by 3.5), the exact same teams that went neck-‘n’-neck in 2008’s Super Bowl XLII, with the Giants rising above the rubble 17-14. Can the Pats be able to avenge their loss against the G-Men (these nicknames are the tiniest bit odd) next Sunday? If anyone reading this in the East Coast wants to tune in for the kickoff on time, set your clocks to a scheduled timing of 6:25 pm.

The Super Bowl XLVI will take place at the Lucas Oil Stadium of Indianapolis, the first Bowl ever to do so, as well as the 4th Bowl to be played in a cold-weathered city, after Detroit (XVI & XL) and Minneapolis (XXVI). John Parry (a ref since the 2000 season) will be refereeing for this event, and one of the confirmed halftime show performers will be Madonna, with a possible appearance of M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj as well. Also, be on the lookout for Nicki’s latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, in April. The singer of the national anthem (“Star-Spangled Banner” if you forgot) will be Kelly Clarkson, who hopefully won’t screw up and become a meme sensation like Christina Aguilera did last year. Kelly Clarkson’s confirmation to sing the anthem has been the fourth time in the past five years someone who participated in a season of American Idol has done so, following Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Jordin Sparks. The husband-and-wife country musicians Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may also be unofficially performing “America the Beautiful”. NBC is hosting the Bowl for the first time since the Super Bowl XLIII in 2009. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth will be announcing, and the Indiana University Marching Hundred will “tackle” the pregame show.

This is the only-revealed poster of ACT OF VALOR, a movie Relativity Media is to advertise during the Bowl.

The only movie companies that have purchased slots for this years’ Bowl have been Relativity Media, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Universal Studios. Act of Valor (shown above) is one of Relativity Media’s official to-be-advertised movies, the only one announced yet, a war film starring legit active-duty U.S. Navy Seals as well as a small ensemble of actors, forming a squad that goes on a Yugoslavian covert operation to rescue a kidnapped officer of the CIA, while also handling terrorists who plan to attack America. If you like war movies, be sure to renew your tickets for February 24. But seriously…I thank God that I didn’t have a war movie come out on my 11th birthday.

30-second commercial ads have reached new highs of money at $3.5 million apiece (except for one that commanded a $4 million price), the highest rate for advertisement in Super Bowl history. Other confirmed advertisements include Doritos, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Toyota, and Dannon Yogurt. Can any of them become as famous and viral and…well, adorable as last year’s Volkswagen commercial (see above)?

If you want to learn more about the Super Bowl XLVI, click here, por favor.


If we remember last year on NBC in April when the interactive reality talent show The Voice debuted and ended at the end of June with Javier Colon (Adam’s team) taking the crown, the $100,000 cash prize, and the Universal Republic recording contract. But do you think that The Voice just dissolved from NBC’s world of competition for good, true or false? If you guessed true, you are…wrong. The correct answer is false, since The Voice‘s second season will be premiering right after the Super Bowl. Christina, Adam, Cee Lo, and Blake are all returning, and Carson Haly is still hosting, but the only change is that Alison Haislip (the social media correspondent) will be replaced by Christina Milian, a triple threat (singer, actress, and dancer) as well as a model. The surprising thing is that The Voice has also been branched into versions of Dutch, British, Albanian, and even Israeli! What’s next, The Voice of Bikini Bottom?…Actually, that would be awesome.

Kay, so now I just gave you a reason to go back to foam-fingering and making a racket so loud, the whole neighborhood can hear it. So pay me back by subscribing, liking, sharing, rating, and staying tuned for more gold—I mean, awesome gold!

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam, and let’s talk turkey about Sam is Random, even though Thanksgiving isn’t till November this year. SIR is just about anything that comes to my mind that I feel like sharing with my brethren fans, and I’m just going to tell you one thing: GOOSEBUMPS IS PLAIN WEIRD. And I’ll give you a couple tidbits of proof (some I’ve read, some I haven’t). Just to dub Stine every time he publishes a new book: “Reader beware—you’re in for a scare!”

Brain Juice – This is not only a downright weird Series 2000 entry, but a disgusting one as well. You just need to tell from the cover and its purple juice-oozing brain that this is a terrible thing to read, just like people say minds are. After two kids down some alien-manufactured brain juice, they literally turn into geniuses (dumb, but predictable), and these aliens are looking for young geniuses just like their kind. What. See, I haven’t read this book, so I wouldn’t know how strange it is. As I will quote Troy Steele from Blogger Beware, “Based on the number of times some variation of the word “stupid” was used in Brain Juice, the target audience must have been Andy from Monster Blood.” A mind actually would be a terrible thing to drink: that is, if aliens actually existed.

Chicken Chicken – Let me tell you, I’m not the only one who thought this book was a mistake from minute one. Well, it’s about these two kids named Crystal and Cole, Crystal being the redheaded goodie gumballs, and Cole being the obsessive prankster who could even make his mom dial the doctor for his case of red Sharpie chicken pox. But the book actually picks up a lot later when Crystal, Cole, and this dude named Anthony charge into this girl named Vanessa after buying groceries. While Anthony apologizes and abandons his friends (smooth move), Vanessa mutters “Chicken chicken” to them, and guess what? They—no, I think you can figure that out yourself. In a world where no one notices you’ve grown a freaking beak at school, and people can cast spells on you that turn you into animals (no, I think we did that already), this book had to be created. I’m not even going to waste more space ranting and/or describing this book’s failures for you, and just quote Troy again: “…I can not possibly foresee any other Goosebumps book I read being worse than this.”

The Blob That Ate Everyone – This book just masters the art of being bad. Bad name, bad cover, bad tagline, bad storyline, bad book! But we’re here to explain how it’s weird: There’s this boy named Zackie Beauchamp who wants to be a successful horror writer, which makes sense because…never mind. He’s conceiving a story about a pink blob that devours a whole town. The end. Then he finds a typewriter in a burnt-down antique store, takes it home, and becomes BFFs with it in the same way RL Stine found his new friend when he was a kid. Anyway, there’s something strange about the typewriter. Something extraordinary. Oh yeah; everything Mr. Beauimnottypinghisnameagain writes come true. Ooh, so spooky. Even though things get serious when the blob monster comes to life, there’s one thing I’m revealing: it’s not the typewriter…

My Best Friend Is Invisible – Do I have to waste space describing this to you? Well, I will: it’s a story starring me (or, at least, a boy with my name) which renders me totally into ghosts and sci-fi, which I am not. My parents only believe in legit science, themselves being research scientists who think I don’t have the perfect hobby. But now I met this kid who’s a total thorn in the side, crashing in my room, nom-nomming my breakfast. I gotta get this nuisance out of here—but the thing is, he’s flopping invisible. OMG. The weirdest pat of the book was definitely its ending, and I can’t spoil the book, so you could go buy it, or check out its page on Blogger Beware. If you’re not a fan of wasting time Googling, you can just click here for the review of My Best Friend Is Invisible. Surely you’re a fan of that.

The Werewolf in the Living Room – Nuff said.

Bride of the Living Dummy – Okay, now I get it: Slappy’s jealous because Chucky’s stealing all his spotlight. He does everything Chucky does, and he still gets trapped in just books after books while Chucky’s making fame in show biz. Chucky starts out cute, Slappy starts out cute. Chucky comes to life and gets creepy, Slappy comes to life and gets creepy. Chucky dies at the end and gets resurrected, Slappy dies at the end and gets resurrected. Chucky gets a freaking wife, and guess what…Slappy’s got himself a wife!

Invasion of the Body Squeezers, Parts 1 and 2 – This seems to be epic only in the way that Epic Movie is epic. Oh, and one more thing that I forgot…WHAT THE FUDGE MUFFIN IS THIS.


There are lots more, but it would take you probably the rest of the hour to find that out. Anyway, Goosebumps gives me this strange feeling that ponders in my heart, all strangely warm and pleasant. No it’s not compassion…oh yeah, that’s nostalgia. And I definitely got that strange nostalgic feeling during and after watching this beauty of art:

…and after listening to this greatly composed remix. Did you know that RL Stine is impossible to scare; he just laughs it off? I wonder if he really does rival K.A. Applegate and her Animorphs, or if they’re really friends down deep? Comment me your response and you will receive endless happiness. Now, since you might not be doing anything but reading my blog(s), POP QUIZ! (*insert groaning and moaning*)

1. Carly Beth from The Haunted Mask comes back to help Steve in The Haunted Mask II. True or false?

2. At the end of My Best Friend is Invisible, what disgusts Sam and his family about his invisible friend?

A. He’s a human!

B. He has a Bieber haircut

C. He’s jotting this all down to report to RL Stine to make a Goosebumps book out of it

3. What is the fake superhero persona that Skipper uses to save himself against Libby/the Mutant at the end of Attack of the Mutant?

a. The New Plastic Man

b. The Colossal Elastic Boy

c. Captain Spaghetti Limbs

4. What is the horrible thing that Mr. Toggle does to people in Piano Lessons Can Be Murder?

a. Forces them to teach their cats how to play Keyboard Cat

b. Cuts off their hands and make the hands play piano music

c. Drive around in a white van with ‘FREE PIANO LESSONS’ on it

5. In Attack of the Jack-o’-Lanterns, who the heck are the pumpkin monsters?

a. Shane and Shana in disguise

b. They’re pumpkin monsters

c. Lee and Tabby ruining another Halloween for them


1.True 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.A (Extra points if you find the secret code in the revealed answers. Here’s a hint: mamma mia!)

1/5: You’ve heard of Goosebumps, right?

2/5: Ouch, man. Try rereading these books and retaking the test. I’ll be waiting right here…

3/5: Bad, but not bad. Are you sure you didn’t try winging this and tried to remember when you read these in the second grade?

4/5: Not bad of a job, partner. I have some open spots for my Page by Page book club. Want to join?

5/5: Well done, Mr. Knows-His/Her-Goosebumps! I applaud your knowledge and the fact that you’re ready for my new performance test!


S.C.R.L.S.T. If you don’t know what that means, it’s that you should subscribe, comment, rate, like, and stay tuned! Be on the lookout for more SIR posts coming your way. Also do me a solid and check out 2Sam2Mwak and Stories for Bedtime, will ya? I’ll give you a cookie…

– Sam

p.s. I thought I might as well exit this post in style…

Hey guys it’s Sam. Remember how last year, I gave you all the deets on the 2010 Haverhill Book Fair? Well, now I’m gonna give you more deets on the 2011 Moorsbridge Book Fair! This seems more epic than usual, with horrifying celebrity books, overpriced children’s picture books, you name it! Even the brand-new upcoming sixth Wimpy Kid is involved! (as always. You see, it’s literally a book fair tradition to include the latest upcoming Wimpy Kid) And from the 14th to the 18th of this month, you can splurge your money into all kinds of goods! This year’s fair theme is an intergalactic style, stating that “Reading Is Out of This World!” Hey, at least it’s better than one book fair’s motto: “Reading Can Make You A Star!”

This fair still has all the other traditions: books labeled with RC (Reading Counts) or AR (Accelerated Reader) labels, specific places to find them, even the expensive prices! I’ll show you some interesting examples.

I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 by Lauren Tarshis ($4.99)

First, the famed surprise military attack bombarded the Pearl Harbor just as 1941 was nearing an end. Then the Pearl Harbor movie bombed cinemas a solid sixty years later in May 2001. Now this? This follow-up to installments like I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic (actually mentioned last book fair post) and I Survived the Shark Attacks, this book is about 11-year old Danny Crane fighting for a route home in the action of bombs, smoke, and demolition when World War 2 officially attacks the United States? Will this young boy find a way home, or is he gonna go shaka-laka…boom? (Numbered #328914, with a LEX of 620L. Find it in the B1 Historical Fiction section.)

Will this book be on my list?: No way! I don’t like historical fiction books anyway, and the last time I read one [with my class], I vowed that I’d never read another historical fiction-related book ever again…

How I Survived Middle School by Donna Gephart ($5.99, other places $6.99)

Don’t be fooled by the cover and actually click on this “video”, because you won’t get anything close to it. This book is about yet another 11-year old whose name starts with D, but this boy isn’t fighting for his life through bombs and destruction. He’s fighting for a way to survive middle school with a dream of becoming a TV personality. With a little hand–or paw, I guess–from his pet hamster, David creates a series of videos called Talk Time which he uploads onto YouTube. Is this little boy ready to be a big star? Or will the chances shrink as small as his hamster? (Labeled under RC and AR, numbered #329813, with a LEX of 660L. Find it in the G1 Advanced Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: It’s an official yes, because it’s cheap, it seems funny, and I really like these real-life-reflecting kind of books of fame attempt. In other words, it seems legit.

Bad Kitty Meets the Baby by Nick Bruel ($4.99)

“This time Kitty’s met her match…”…or has she? In the latest and fifth installment in this clawed canine rival’s series, Kitty isn’t in for much of a treat when her owners come home with…you guessed it…a baby. Will Kitty use her naughty skill to prevail? Or has Kitty met her babbling, crawling match? (Numbered #329603, with a LEX of 720L. Find it in the Y2 Chapter Books section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Sadly, it won’t be, because it doesn’t seem like a very good book.

Thea Stilton and the Star Castaways by “Thea Stilton” ($7.99)

If you’ve already read my other Jolly Good Bookie posts, plus the ones on 2Sam2Mwak, you already know my passion for Thea and her books. So you wouldn’t believe my excitement when I saw this book in the flyer. The Sisters have battled through earth, wind, and fire (literally) but have they battled through space? Because this time, they’re having an adventure off their own planet to the Moon. But when they arrive at their lunar destination, they stumble upon spaceship wrecks, rebellious robotic beings, and more! Can these feisty five save the day, or is Apollo 18 not the only reason to stay off the Moon? (Labeled under AR, numbered #329904, with a LEX of 780L. Look for it on the Bestsellers Table.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’m on the fence about it, because I can just get it from the library after the book fair, but then again, it is Thea this book was “written by.” So I’m very skeptical about it.

Big Nate On a Roll by Lincoln Peirce ($7.99, exclusive paperback)

I’ve already expressed my anger towards Lincoln and his series in my Big Nate Strikes Again page flip, reviewing one of the worst books ever made. It’s sitting in my bookshelf right now, glaring at me. I want to glare back, but I have to tell you about their third and final shot at impressing me. Nate’s always sick of being in 2nd place compared to Mr. Perfect, also known as Artur. So when Artur joins Nate’s scout troop, poor Nate gets bumped down a spot like usual. From chess to relationships with Nate’s crush Jenny, Artur always wins. But can this Ben Franklin of the modern times (read Strikes Again to learn what I’m talking about. On second thought, you wouldn’t want to!) come back with a vengeance? And as always, funny drawings and comics emblazon every page. (Numbered as #329292. Look for it in the R1 Humor section.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’m thinking about it, because I do need to see if Lincoln has finally learned to impress me, but I’m afraid that it’ll be terrible and I just wasted 8 dollars. For now, I’m on the fence.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2012 by…well, lots of people. ($12.99, other places $16.99. Thank God.)

If you remember my last book fair juicy detail post, I got some covered footage of the Special Edition 2011 version of Believe It Or Not! Well, I’ve decided to continue my “traditions” by giving some detail on 2012’s special edition! Prepare to be amazed by the most absurd facts, acts, and oddities ever reported! As Ripley said, and as I’ll say again, there’s nothing—NOTHING—stranger than the truth! (Numbered as #329564. Look for it on the Reference Table.)

Will this book be on my list?: I’ll have to pass this experience, because after seeing the 2011 special edition, I seriously don’t need to be disgusted 2 years in a row. And besides, since when was I interested in Ripley’s?

Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book by Tom Angleberger ($5.99)

First, green and brown paper combined into a thorough series of folding to make Origami Yoda. Now, black and red paper have combined into a thorough series of folding to make Darth Paper. 53% of people actually believed that the “Yoda sequel” was actually going to be revolved around Darth anyways, so they got their wish. This book is about Harvey’s success in getting Dwight suspended. But as O. Yoda pleads to rescue him, Harvey and his accomplice “Darth Paper” plan evilly to make Dwight’s suspension permanent! Will their plans go through? (Numbered as #329944. Look for it in the B1 Mystery section.)

Will this book be on my list?: No. Why? I’ve never been interested in Star Wars, let alone Star Wars parodies, and after the negative advice one of my super best friends gave me, I’m afraid it won’t be worth the splurge of cash.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney ($8.49, exclusive paperback)

I already covered this book in August, but I guess I’ll cover it again: the Heffleys are finally getting a blanket of snow for the winter. But the sky spirits must think big, because they brought a blanket so big, the Surrey Street family gets snowed in! Can Greg survive being stuck inside with family? Or is he going to go stir crazy? (Numbered as #331658. On sale November 15, day 2 of the Book Fair. Look for it in the R1 Humor section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Heck yeah! Whenever a new Wimpy Kid makes for the fair in its debut, I’m always riding its cattails for it.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Attack of the Zombies! by an anonymous writer ($3.99)

Zombies have been very famous in horror media, starting off way back in 1968 when Night of the Living Dead staggered into cinemas as an independent black-and-white cult movie. Just the phrase of the Dead has been included in several movie titles, like Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and even Diary of the Dead. But for the first time in porous undersea history, Nickelodeon’s spongy hero and his starfish friend are pitting themselves against “the dead!” Just like in one of the show’s episodes, Gary’s the one that starts the rave when he suddenly begins biting every Bikini Bottomite in town. The snail bite panic spreads, ending up in zombie-like behavior from everyone, and then Gary and his zombified brethren start an underwater manhunt. Can SpongeBob and Patrick escape the infection? Or will they really be left for dead? (Numbered as #328596, with an LEX of 410L. Look for it in the Y2 Easy Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: I love the little guy so deeply, but then again, I’m not 6.

Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter by Tedd Arnold ($5.99 here, other places $6.99, hardcover)

Fly Guy used to be one of my children’s book hypes, and now that he’s gotten a second mentioning (last time was for his collaboration with Buzz Boy) he better be lucky. Warning: The puns you are about to hear are very insect-related, and unbeelievably bad. You’ve been warned.

It’s bad newzz when Fly Guy picks the wrong day to visit Buzzzzz’s school and participates in a field trip with him. But the destination they’re headed to is unbeelievably horrific: the flyswatter factory! Will he escape the Super Swatter and return with his 2 wings? Or is this fly doomed to be roadkill? (Numbered as #328943 with a LEX of 430L. Look for it in the Y2 Easy Readers section.)

Will this book be on my list?: Fly Guy’s a cute little pest, but his books are usually around 18 pages long, and besides, this installment in Fly’s adventures doesn’t seem as much of a buzz. I warned you about those insect puns! (*please insert rimshot*)


So that’s some pretty good biz to get hyped up for. Sneak a peek by Moorsbridge Elementary School on November 14-18 from 8 am to 4 pm each day in the Community/Spanish Room across from the gym to get your share of books out of this world! And also check by Sammwak and 2Sam2Mwak (7 hits? Dude, come on) for more epic junk and stuff. This is Sam, sssssssigning out. See, I warned you about those bad insect puns.

With all due respect,


p.s. Want some more entertaining peeks? Here are a couple more to get you going:

  • Everyone’s afraid of something. If you are, try reading The School of Fear #2: Class Is Not Dismissed by Gitty Daneshvari, the second novel in the frightful foursome’s series. Labeled under RC and AR, available at the B1 Adventure section for $5.99.
  • Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark too creepy for you? Try Attack of the Vampire Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales by David Lubar, a continuing installment of his series of warped and creepy tales. Available at the B1 Fantasy section for $5.99 as an exclusive paperback. If you don’t want to stop there, try other installments like The Battle of the Red Hot Pepper Weenies and The Curse of the Campfire Weenies.
  • For some reason, book fairs always include books about rising new celebs, and this year, they’re packed with Willow Smith: Pop’s Newest Princess, and Big Time Rush: Big Time Audition. Both go for $3.99, and they’re both available at the Y2 Easy Readers section.
  • Whoever wants to spend Christmas with the baddest kitty of them all, raise your hand. ****** Well you got your wish, because A Bad Kitty Christmas is one of the included books. If you want to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the world’s most naughty kitty, just pay $15.99 under a hardcover, and scope for it at the Holiday Table.
  • If Big Nate copied off of Wimpy Kid, surely someone can copy off of Big Nate. What’s that? There is someone? Sweet! Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is available for $15.99 (hardcover) at the S1 New Releases section.
  • Guys, cover your ears and open a new tab instantly. If you want to hear about some girly new books coming out, here they are: they include, but aren’t limited to, Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door ($8.99 at the GL Books & Stuff section), Pinkalicious: Pinkie Promise ($3.99 at the Easy Readers section), you know what I mean.

Yep, that’s right! The day I always predicted…and dreaded. Today, tearful teachers have burst open their doors to allow their students to move on. Otherwise known as: the end of school. The end of the 2010-2011 school year. Oh, what a mess of red eyes and tears my school had. But when it comes to this, I’m usually good at keeping my manhood, holding my ground, and being stone-hearted. Did any of you graduate? If so, congratulations of your accomplishment. Because this is just one milestone on the path of an awesome life. I know I’ve marked many milestones in the past. Hitting 1,000 hits. Hitting 5,000 hits. Hitting 10,000 hits. And now…hitting over 20,000 hits.

And now, since I feel like starting a brand-new tradition, I’ve decided to add a song of celebration to my posts. Feel free to break free, let loose, and celebrate! Come on, don’t be shy.

You probably hate my guts right now, don’t you? 😉

Have an epic summer, everyone! Ēka mahākāvya hai garmī! Ont été une épopée! Hebben een epische zomer! Haben eine epische Sommer! Hanno un estate epica!

(Just testing your language skills. :D)

A bientôt,


p.s. How do you plan to spend YOUR summer? Answer me through comments or emails! And please, start voting stars on my posts! (Winka blinka winka 😉

Yeah, it’s sad. A little too sad. It was one of his most cherished children’s series since its unforgettable debut in 2008. It left everyone ROFLMFAO. I couldn’t think of another book series more funny. The thing is…Dan Gutman’s Weird School Daze series has come to its pit stop. Its final destination. The little bookstore in heaven. It…is…FINISHED.

Shed all the tears you want, fans. This has officially been stated by Mr. Gutman, and it has become the next death of Michael Jackson as it is. Where will A.J., Ryan, Michael, Andrea, Emily, among others, go? No one knows. I can forever remember Michael not tying his shoes, Ryan eating stuff that isn’t food, and Andrea being the know-it-all that every stuck-up girl would love to hang out with. But we can’t just say “Whatever, cry a river, build a bridge, get over it” and just WALK AWAY! We gotta reminisce some of the funniest moments to cherish as precious memorabilia. And I have LOTS of memorabilia.

Remember in Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control, when the graduation party went out in a blaze of glory, by which I mean fire blazed through it gloriously?

Remember in Officer Spence Makes No Sense, when Officer Spence arrested everyone because he couldn’t get a lousy PB&J sandwich? Come on, Mrs. Spence! Just one, even if it kills you?

Remember in Miss Laney Is Zany, when she couldn’t remember the science of sound on a game show, but recited her entire commercial afterward?

Remember in Miss Mary Is Scary, when Miss Mary had a boyfriend that made a song called “I Love Dirt” that was a hit on YouTube, leading him to perform on Saturday Night Live?

And even to sum up with our theme, check out this video where author Dan Gutman yammers at you for six minutes!

This really was a great series that even critical feedback presented with positive reaction. But we all got to move on sometimes, right? That’s not entirely true! Dan’s second series may have ended…but his THIRD series is just getting started. That’s right, moping Weird School fans! Welcome to a whole new…Weirder School!

That’s right. Dan Gutman’s second series might have been ended, but this summer, his third series is about to become your next summer read! Forget the Summer Reading Program now! Three titles of this series are already due for release this summer: Miss Child Has Gone Wild, Mr. Harrison is Embarassin’, and Mrs. Lilly Is Silly! Keep an eye peeled for June 21, when schools full of tearful teachers let open their doors for the summer, and Dan Gutman releases his new series of the triumphant trilogy!

So keep that in mind. Whenever you’re bored on summer break, go to the bookstore and pick up a new Weirder School book! Keep a book in your heart, readers, especially this summer!!!

Yours truly,

Sam 😉