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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’m back with another juicy post from a not-that-long hiatus! And, yes, it talks about video games! 😉 You probably thought that from the striking kickoff of the 2003 shooter, Call of Duty, you thought that no one could beat the slam-bang Black Ops. Hah! You’re wrong, bub! No one is underestimated by 2011 in video gaming. Because this November (or in three days), the next COD will open fire. It’s already in co-development by past COD developer Infinity Ward, soon to be published by past publisher Activision. I know it’s going to be your favorite. We all do. Here goes…are you tired of turkey for a Thanksgiving treat?…How about some more Modern Warfare?

That’s right. Call of Duty: MW3 is the next installment in the trigger-happy COD series. The storyline is unknown for me. Maybe if you tag onto online retailers, you might know. It might be possible to continue the oh-so-stale World War theme. It might continue the Cold War era from Black Ops. I don’t know, it might even get a little Revolutionary! Or it can start a new trend all on its own, which is what I mostly suspect. All that fans know from the upcoming MW3 are four teaser trailers released on Friday the 13th, each named after different countries: “America”, “England”, “France”, and “Germany”. Gaming website Kotaku (also on the same day) spilled various info tidbits about the game, stating that it would be a direct sequel to 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, also regarding the weapons, levels, modes, and vice versa about MW3. Activision confirms that it will be revealed on May 20, but at the same time Wikipedia states that it would be a November publication. Let’s see which one wins in 3 days, shall we? 😉

Here are the teaser trailers that were released on Friday the 13th by CALLOFDUTY:






So if you’re a trigger-happy fan of Call of Duty, save your money for the big moment that MW3 will release! Also keep track of what platforms it will release for!

With all du3 r3spect,



There are lots of people out there that love shooters. Some are used to the brutal bloodbaths of Call of Duty or Halo, while others like to take it easy with games like Kane & Lynch or Crysis. But there are those other games that mix it up. Speaking of those games, one is coming out soon, but not very soon. Actually May 10, to be exact. This a treat from Splash Damage, whom specialize in shooters, as well as Valve Corp, famous for series like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress. The revolution begins with the new third-person shooter, Brink.

The main story of the game takes place in the utopian city of The Ark, a floating city surrounded by the waters from a flooded Earth. The Ark is where two factions named “Resistance” and “Security” fight to the death, either fighting for the Ark or uniting/defending The Ark. Up to sixteen can play this online. My own brother described Brink as a mixture of Mass Effect, Monday Night Combat, and Mirror’s Edge. How it resembles Mass Effect is that it’s some weird crazy sci-fi shooter, and you can play as bots and weirdos like that. Monday Night Combat is resembled since you can actually pick a CHARACTER CLASS to be for the game: the operative, whose job is to sabotage the other team, hacking turrets and such, the medic, whose job is to heal, revive, and buff teammates, the soldier, whose job is to specialize in warfare and weaponry, and the engineer, whose job is to defend tactical zones, improve weapons, and more. How it looks like Mirror’s Edge is the heavy use of parkour, which they smartly conceal by passing it as the system of SMART: Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain.

People are saying that Brink is the shooter that we have been waiting for. But is it really worth its puffed-up proud price of nearly $60 at GameStop? Let’s find out.

So, personally, now, do you think that Brink is worth your hard-earned cash…SH, caSH?

Check out YouTube or your local surroundings for more about Brink, and I’ll join you next time here on Sammwak!! 😉


p.s. Did you know that the release dates of Brink kept getting bumped up and down? It went in this order: fall 2010, bumped up to May 13, 2011, bumped back to May 10, 2011. 😀

Hey guys, it’s Sam. You should remember my little post I made about “Shoop da Whoop” I made in July 2010, but if you don’t have a bell rung, click here!

That Internet meme is becoming famous faster than you can say “Peter Piper”, and a blogger does not lie. But it doesn’t just come out of someone’s mouth and then start exploding everywhere else. But there’s a reason for everything. I created this blog because I like it. My brother created his blog because he wanted to show viewers a successful life through innovation…

Well, this isn’t much about our family, is it? The real reason that Shoop da Whoop got hot was in the hands of an epic YouTuber named Dominic Fear. His channel is the sixty-third most viewed grouped by the category comedy. This guy created a whole tetralogy that he called “The Lazer Collection” through DFear Studios. I wasn’t really up for it now, but now that I’ve seen it, I ROFL trying. If you’re a real junkie for stuff like this, you can even check out Uncyclopedia’s lessons on how to Shoop a Whoop RIGHT.

But still, check out the whole foursome here, and trust me, you’ll be ROFLing after numero uno. (Although number four is a little of a lot rusty.)

And now that this collection is bombing ALREADY, Dominic’s already in the process of making a FIFTH compilation for the pentalogy. And as I said, A BLOGGER DOES NOT LIE. You can even check out the trailer DFear already made here:

May 2011. The magic month for more LAZERS. And while you wait, you can check back at Sammwak for more posts that’ll make you ROFL as hard as the LAZER COLLECTION!

Sincerely yours,


p.s. Check out this cool Shoop emoticon I made!