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Define the word wimp. As a noun, it is “a weak and cowardly or unadventurous person.” I guess that’s how some people may describe Greg Heffley, known to fans as “the Wimpy Kid” of Jeff Kinney’s national bestselling saga, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It first got its start on Funbrain as an original story that was read over twenty million times when it released in 2004. From thence, Kinney decided to make the jump from online to on paper, and he has been a cult for kids since. Plus, he’s doing so good, he’s released 5 other titles, and even a few movies. Now, let’s repeat that: “even a few movies”. The most recent wimpy kid flick came out around St. Patty’s 2011 (the sequel, Rodrick Rules), and from the success of that movie comes the series’ threequel due this summer, and from the looks of it, this is gonna be the best entry yet.

Yep, this trailer just uploaded in April, and it’s already got…not even 20,000 hits. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the new movie’s called Dog Days. No, we didn’t all “skip a movie”. This will interpret features from both The Last Straw and Dog Days. This movie shares most of its storyline with the fourth book: school’s out and Greg’s starting to plan for the summer, when all his plans go awry, leaving him with one question: What on earth is he gonna do for three months? Up the antes in unintended gut-busting humor, that’s what. And yes, Sweetie the dog is going to be in it. This looks like a movie I’d undoubtedly want to see this summer, and hopefully my excitement won’t go up in steam once this movie hits the cinemas. If there were a few differences I spotted in this, it’d be 1) Greg’s voice changed!!!, and 2) Sweetie’s gonna be back. Cool story, bro. And for possibly the first time, Heather Hills, Holly’s older sister, is gonna be in the movie. She will be portrayed by Melissa Roxburgh, whom you probably don’t know. The movie’s filming was in Vancouver (much like the two previous films), from August to October 2011, and it will officially be PG according to Box Office Mojo, citing “some rude humor”. And hopefully it will sell well and continue the series’ multi-million-selling streak, with a combination of $116 million of lifetime gross revenue. Oh, did I forget to show you the teaser poster?

Make sure to mark your calendars for August 3, 2012, because on that very day, something wimpy is going down. Well, that’s all for this week, but make sure to subscribe, like, rate, comment, and reblog often! Same thing @ 2Sam2Mwak!

– Sam

p.s. Can you feel the love? Greg can in this year’s untitled & upcoming seventh Wimpy Kid title. As the tagline of the announcement poster is “Love is in the air”, we can assume that this ranges around Valentine’s Day. Despite this, the book’s due to come this Thanksgiving, so mark your calendars for that too.

p.p.s. Would You Rather o’ the Week: Would you rather be shot by an arrow from Cupid, or be shot by an arrow from an underwear-wearing Greg with fake wings plastered on his back, so it’s more like he’s trying to kill you than get you lovestruck?

p.p.s.s. Random Video o’ the Week: Some people are very intimate with the kinds of musical YouTube videos they watch, and they usually tire quickly of the usual. But luckily through remixing tech, they can shut their pieholes with the amount of enjoyment they’ll receive. But they can only admire the highest levels of remixes. And on this note, that level belongs to Fagottron, more famously known as Pogo. This video just came out this January, and it’s already past 3 million hits due to how good it is. This is so darn good, I’ll have to bury a YouTube treasure to dig up in the future for this! (Check out this guy’s channel for more sweet remixes, and please do like this post for a very worthy suggestion. C’mon, you know you want to, do it for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGA!)

Hey guys it’s Sam, with my first post of November! Did anyone have a good Halloween, and a good Halloween special? Of course you did; I’m the one narrating it. Anyway, I went to Illinois with my dad and sister a couple weeks ago, and we went to a baptist church. Although they were closed most of the time (in a dreamless sleep), my eyes were really opened towards Jesus Christ. What do you mean you don’t know who He is? He was the one that died on the cross to forgive our sins, he rose again on the 3rd day, and all that jazz. Well, not only did the super-super-super-super-olden times people write over one thousand pages about his adventures that now ranks as the best-selling book ever, but probably tens of thousands of people loved Him so much, they grouped together and made bands in his mercy. The first one I’m going to talk about is the 28-year old Hillsong Church from Australia.

With a seat count of over a thousand Jesus freaks (no offense), Hillsong began way back in late summer 1983 in the exact same city our beloved AC/DC began…the capital, Sydney. A Pentecostal “megachurch”, pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston began the church as the Hills Christian Life Centre in, not on, Baulkham Hills. Over 20,000 people attend services each week. Their music has topped Australian charts, scoring both gold and platinum hits. The main live Hillsong has 21 albums (counting the upcoming 2012 one) since mid-summer 1992 with The Power of Your Love. But then the name started to branch, and pretty soon came the births of all sorts of Hillsongs, including Hillsong United, Hillsong London, heck, even Hillsong Kids!

The most recent album to date is God Is Able, releasing at the end of July this year as the twentieth album. Songs on the list include “Go”, “Alive in Us”, the title track “God Is Able”, and “The Lost Are Found”. I personally have some Hillsong favorites.

The first song was “Evermore”, the third track from their thirteenth album (lucky number) in 2004, For All You’ve Done. I like this song not just because it has the most epic guitarists ever on a live worship song, it also has a good Christian theme in the song. The next one was “Desert Song” , also the third track of their seventeenth album in 2008, This Is Our God. This song is one of my favorites because…dang it, why do their guitarists have to be so awesomely trained?


Another band my family likes is called Jesus Culture, straight out of Redding, California in 1999 where the first-ever conference was held. This ministry hosts 3 conferences in their “birthplace” every year, alongside Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and more. We got more recently introduced to it than Hillsong, so we don’t know as much good songs…or at least I don’t.

That song is the only favorite I can remember, “Your Love Never Fails” from their fifth album last year, Come Away. I also gotta give some thumbs to the guitarists here. It is so that every worship band has to have some amazing instrumentalists.


An old band that we used to like is an Australian all-boy band called Newsboys, originating from one of the most…interestingly named cities I’ve seen since Germany’s Dusseldorf, but this one is called Mooloolaba. Read now, LOL later. Got it? This group has been alive for twenty-six years since 1985, and they’ve been making pretty good music through their career. Did you know that there were twelve former Newsboys in the past? That has to be a world record of a band with the most former members. Their first album rang in 1988, called Read All About It, and their latest album, Born Again, came in summer 2010. Check out a couple of their songs!

Some of the world’s most classic Christian songs. Period. Need I say more?

And the experience doesn’t stop there. There are lots of other worshiping groups out there that have probably thousands more introduced to God’s light, including Newsboys also from Australia, but from the hilariously-named city, Mooloolaba. There are lots of ways you can get closer to God: praying, spreading the good news, reading the bible, etc!

So tell me: is Jesus your homeboy?

– Sam

Recognize this face? Yup, it’s the one and only Shel Silverstein, the one who gave us the thumbsucking epidemic song I took a look at earlier last month. Shel may be one of the weirdest guys I’ve met since my classmates on Backwards Day. Anyway, Shel’s got a lucky thumb to A) not to be sucked, and B) to get another spot on T4T, this time for his timeless song “A Boy Named Sue”.

This song was so popular, its name even had to be in the name of this album, where the song came from.

“…my name is Sue! How do you do? Now you’re gonna die!”

Surprisingly enough, “A Boy Named Sue” (also incorrectly referred to as “Boy Named Sue“) is not entirely of Shel’s work. He was just the writer of the song, the real user of this song (besides Shel) being Johnny Cash on his 1969 live album, At San Quentin. It has to be one the weirdest, funniest, and most violent songs I’ve ever listened since Avenged Sevenfold’s “Beast and the Harlot” went to the Guitar Hero 2 track list. The album A Boy Named Sue and his Country Songs coincidentally released the same year of Cash’s live album, both scoring Grammy Awards for their versions of the song in the process.

The storyline revolves around…well, title says all, a boy named Sue. Named as a joke by his father, he becomes the laughingstock of the area, but he’s the one that gets to the last laugh when he grows up to be a hard-hitting master of mass destruction, even beating up his own father as a revenge plan. The song is very groovy especially for one of Shel’s works, and especially deserves to be recited by a bored farmer in a rocking chair.

0 out of 5 – Positive messages – The song being revolved around violence for the most part, this song lacks any positive messages whatsoever.

1 out of 5 – Positive role models – Sue does show good examples of bravery, standing up against the toughest of moments revolving around that dastardly name.

4 out of 5 – Violence – Have you been listening to all that I’ve been talking about so far? “A Boy Named Sue” gives violence a new name, and I still can’t believe they got that crazy back in the sixties!

  • Sue narrates that if a guy laughed at his name, he’d bust his head.
  • Upon seeing and recognizing his long-lost dad, he simply beats him up, throwing a chair across his teeth, giving him a haymaker between the eyes, and almost threatening to kill him if his profound love didn’t change him. His father also extremely violently rebounds, knifing off some of his ear.
  • At the very end of the song, Sue lashes out against his name, and his reactions to it if he ever heard or saw it, or his father, again.

1 1/2 out of 5 – Inappropriate Content (saying the S word would be vulgar) – Besides violence, the only thing that’s not really appropriate, or nice, is the gender shaming and male stereotypical themes this song has.

2 out of 5 – Language – The worst word encountered isn’t even dirty, but it’s “heck.” Shel did a good job of replacing Cash’s dirty lyrics with new, clean ones. The two points of language points to Cash’s version of the song this time, ranging from “son-of-a-B word” to the H word.

1 out of 5 – Product Placement – Shel was one of the 60s’ most famed artists in almost every category on the stardom ladder. Music, books, movies, you name it, he’s stuck his head into it.

1 out of 5 – Drinking, Drugs, and/or Smoking – Shel and Cash both refer at the start of the song, to the father of Sue leaving behind a half-filled (Shel)/empty (Cash) bottle of booze.

The first couple of lyrics in Johnny Cash's version of "A Boy Named Sue", chronicled in an impressive black-and-white comic style.

Entertainment: A (5 points)

Laughs: B+ (4 points)

Style: B (3 points)

Smarts: A- (4 points)

Fun: A (4 points)

Final score: 2o out of 30 (Over halfway there)

Rating: E 10+ (Shel’s version), T (Cash’s version) (do I have to talk it over again?)


Click on the video to listen to Shel’s version of “A Boy Named Sue”.

Click on this video to watch almost six minutes of a segment of the foul-mouthed Johnny Cash’s show, shown in 1970, released online in 2008 to over 200,000 views. This video does feature a quick duet with the two creators of the song, also featuring a touching Shel solo to “Daddy, What If”.

“A Boy Named Sue” is a blast listening to, and your inside self is going to be laughing its head off while getting seriously grossed out at the same time, but overall, it’s one of Shel’s best songs. End of story.

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– Sam

p.s. And to bid you a good farewell, I will give you a Shel-style goodbye poem:

Goodbye, goodbye, I hope you come back

To Sammwak here, and that’s a fact

Over 40,000 hits to date

To all of those I can’t relate

So always remember to come back

And enjoy the glory of what is Sammwak!

Hey guys it’s Sam, and as you should know, I provide lots of YouTube videos here. And I also like scavenging randomly and absentmindedly on other videos. People make plenty of crazy videos on YouTube, many supported by some famous whatchamacallits: the green/blue screen chroma key, a huge whatchamacallit in the entertainment industry, making you appear someplace like the Oval Office without actually going there, and Adobe After Effects, the biggest whatchamacallit for surreal moments like bullet hits or explosions. Well, YouTube is mostly not only for celebrity gossiping, but for people’s entertainment. And they have reached that milestone greatly. That’s why I’m launching a new segment on Sammwak based on the cool videos I find on everyday YouTube. In our pilot, you remember the 5.3 million hit-wonder of Justin Bieber getting smacked upside the head with that “water bottle”, right?

Well, some YouTuber named BartBaKer took that footage, and Autotuned it into a remixed song! It’s only gotten past 4.2 million views with over 25,000 likes, but I think it should go higher. Can we make that happen? 😉 😀

Like the videos? Then like this post down below, please! (d^_^b)

And don’t forget to check back for more YouTube Treasures on Sammwak! Want one of your top ROFLCopter videos (ones that make you ROFL) on my next post? Comment me your suggestions, and you could be responsible for the next YouTube Treasure!

Yours truly,


p.s. Justin Bieber was never hit with a water bottle at all. That “bottle” was actually a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and a T-shirt wrapped in Christmas paper, according to BartBaKer. 😀

p.p.s. Happy Father’s Day to any daddy out there reading this! Baba siku ya furaha! (Swahili) Feliz dia del padre! (Spanish) Padre felice del giorno! (Italian) Heureux père de jour! (French) May YouTube bless you and shine upon you every day you live, and give you peace. Amen. 😉

p.p.s.s. The post isn’t over yet. Since these pesky videos wouldn’t cooperate with me up there, let alone in a whole group, I’m gonna have to put one down here. These were made by the channel FunnyOrDie (I have a microscopic knowledge of them.) and they might be the feature of the show! Today, Bieber stars in the best five seconds of the world, which sparked more than 6 million views and 10,000 likes!

Hey, it’s Sam back on Sammwak, the place to BE with juicy comedy from ME! I’ve decided to start a new review segment among all my other segments. (Game n Vote, iNSiDE iPhone, etc.) And instead of reviewing games, movies, OR little iPhone apps, I’ve decided to go MAINSTREAM. That’s right, fellow fans. I’m debuting as a MUSIC critic.

And I’ve begun this new segment called Time for Tunes (previously Tune Time, TuneCharger) to prove my critical skill in music, and today our tune is “Wild Wild West” rapped by Will Smith as the titular theme song to the 1999 steampunk action-comedy of the same name, released in May 1999.

I don’t really know what the song’s about overall (more reasonable rapping, Will!), but I do see a lot of gangster that Will Smith sprinkled onto the song like some sort of paprika. Here are some of his rather gangster lyrics (watch for some poor grammar):

“You don’t want to see my hand where my hip be at”

“None of this, six gun in this, brotha running this”

“So if you barking up the wrong tree, we coming”

See? Just when it can be passed off as some sort of regular hip hop, Will attacks it with gangster and turns it into this cheesy funky gangster rap song. No wonder only 39% people enjoyed this movie. I don’t even really know what the song’s about, since Will never bothered to mention it. I guess it’s just about the Wild West. And if Will keeps trying to make every one of his songs a huge mystery, I swear that he’ll end up as the next Craig Mack. And NO ONE wants to become the next Craig Mack.

Sorry to mention this, (even I don’t know why) but this song was a BOMBER! It peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and its extended music video became a smash on MTV. But it was peppered with criticism for sampling Stevie Wonder and for its incongruity with the western theme. But somehow in 1999, that song got on South Park.

For the lyrics of this song we give “Wild Wild West” a…negative 2 out of 5!

I mean, the tune alone sounds kind of catchy, but the lyrics just bend it up all out of shape. Language also gets in explicit areas around 2 or 3 times (which is something you’d expect from a gangster like Will). But otherwise, some of the lyrics just weren’t smartly written…and STEVIE WONDER was actually involved in writing! And not even Sisqo’s constant mugging can help.

Will just wasn’t the right choice for this. If it were someone like the Beastie Boys, I’m sure it would’ve went like a shot a LOT more cleaner. Just saying.

So my final consensus for “Wild Wild West” is: Wild Wild West fails to really be efficient with its theme, with shoddy and mucky lyrics performed by its uncertain star, Will Smith.

And my final score is a 1.3 out of 10, a 13% out of 100%. Seriously, Will? Even your solo career was better than this.

Oh, YOU want to be a critic? Comment me your OWN votes! And be on the watch for more music reviews, hopefully better than “Wild Wild West”!

Yours truly,

Sam 😉

Hey, guys. Do you know how to dance? (Comment yes or no) Clubs are a way to dance. Talent shows are a way to dance. Even just getting up and moving your body is a way to dance! The usual top dance video game series was Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) since March 1999. But in late November 2010, DDR will have to step aside for the new face in lean, mean dancing.

Dance Central is the not-too-recent crazy epic dance boogaloo, the second Xbox 360 game requiring the Kinect peripheral behind the pack-in game Kinect Adventures. This game is a practically genius way to learn styling new moves to blow away friends and family, such as the classy Broadway, the hip Reject, and, of, course the Crank Dat!

The player(s) are given dance moves which are tracked by the Kinect sensor and represented on-screen by one of eight in-game dancers. 650 dance moves are featured, spanning over 90 dance routines from true choreographers. Five modes are available:

Break It Down – The beginner’s mode that allows players to learn dance moves in certain songs in a step-by-step process.

Perform It – The single-player’s gameplay mode, in which the objective is to successfully pull off a dance routine in hopes of garnering a high score.

Workout Mode – Like DDR, Dance Central also has a matter for exercise! This mode is an extension of Perform It in which the number of burnt calories is also tracked, along with the time of the workout itself.

Dance Battle – The multiplayer mode, in which two players duke it out in a head-to-head dance routine battle. In the end, the player garnering the higher score wins dance supremacy. But the rarity is that ties can also occur; in THOSE sequences, the player pulling off more moves wins supremacy.

Challenge Mode – Once four songs in each category have at least 4 stars, a challenge based on that difficulty is unlocked. This mode increases the difficulty of the game. How? By blending all 4 songs into one, dance moves and all. All challenges must be 5-starred to do the final challenge.


The eight main dancers are Angel (pronounced on-hel), Miss Aubrey, Emilia, Dare, MacCoy, Mo, Oblio, and Taye. Also, the Pink Ninja (:/) is an unlockable dancer that is really just Oblio. Nice Halloween costume, dude…


What I liked about this game was its exuberant and exhilarating way of dancing. The dance moves are quite easy to learn, although more intense moves do get frustrating. Also, another unforgettable addition: charisma. The dancers’ charisma. A laugh, a smile, whatever these guys throw at you make you feel good to dance with them.

The only thing that is a con is GIRL SONGS. Inappropriate, embarrassing GIRL SONGS. Featuring inappropriate, embarrassing GIRL MOVES. (:P) For instance, take Lady Gaga or even Rihanna. We are not girlie men; we are DISAPPOINT!

Here is also the intro to the game, featuring the actual dancers from the game (Like if you can find em all!):

I give Dance Central a 9 out of 10. Your opinion (search up on YouTube)?

Oh, well. Later gators.

– Sam

p.s. There’s this one YouTuber named MightyMeCreative that can dance songs on HARD and still ace them 100%! But you have to see it to believe it! To find MMC’s channel, click HERE!

Hey guys it’s Sam, and remember my BIG TIME RUSH MUSIC VID series?

BIG TIME RUSH MUSIC VID!!! (Count On You ft. Jordin Sparks)



Well, I finally will continue that series! 😀

Today’s song is “This Is Our Someday”, which is already on B.T.R., Big Time Rush’s first album. If you want, you can see the version from “Big Time Concert”:

Or you can see the version off the show with lyrics, so u can sing along:

I rly liked this song, and I hope u do 2.

– Sam