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Hey it’s Sam, and here’s another YouTube treasure I dug up, mateys! Today’s treasure is actually not just from one user…it’s from three! I just felt like it, because today is Thursday. A triple Thursday of treasures. These YouTube stars are famous online and off, and are actually huge icons. The first YouTube star is the king of VFX (video effects, for all of you who don’t do abbreviations) mastery, Frederick “Freddie” Wong, or as his username goes by, freddiew. He has over 30 million channel views, and over one million subscribers.

The first video is a real-life tribute to an infinitely looping gif which you can find here. It’s called “Big Blue Ball Machine”, and currently stands with over one million views since July 16.

The next one is called “Arcade Dominator”, where Wong heads to the arcade and dominates all, from air hockey to a perfect skeeball game to a flawless Guitar Hero shredding session. This video has over 5 million views since the 4th of…June. Pwned.

This final one is called “Real Life Mario Kart”, bringing back Mario Kart 64 in 2011. This video has over 11 million views since February 17…my birthday! 😀

Freddie has a bigger-than-life backstory behind him. He competed in the 2007 World Series of Video Games, walking away with first prize for Guitar Hero 2. (if you saw Arcade Dominator, you know he rules at GH.) He performed at YouTube Live in 2008, and is prone for guest stars in his videos, such as Ray William Johnson in “Troll Massacre”, and William and Dylan from KIDS REACT in “Jedi A-Holes Strike Back”. Onto the next star!


If you’re Brazilian, you can’t say you don’t know Joe Penna, or MysteryGuitarMan. He makes music out of stuff you wouldn’t expect to be musical, such as with balloons in “Pop”, with buildings in “Jumbo”, and with one thousand guitars in “1000 Guitars”. He has over 35 million channel views, and has surpassed the one-million-subscriber mark.

This first one is called “Bubble Rap”, consisting of lots of bubble wrap, a guitar, and DeStorm as the rapper. Over a million views since May 14, 2011.

The next one is “Pop”, which I told you is consisted of lots of balloons, and a piano. Almost at 3.5 million views since May 11, 2010.

The final one is “Happy Mouth”, featuring Joe singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” with the sounds conducted by his mouth, like a bass, an angelic choir, and hi-hats.

Joe has not only been in a McDonald’s Coke commercial, but he ranks as the ninth-most subscribed YouTuber to date, dethroning the Annoying Orange but being dethroned by Shane Dawson’s second channel. Now, our third and final star!


Epic Meal Time is from Canada, which is no surprise why they take foods to the total extreme. If you’re ever called down to lunch and you aren’t hungry, watch some Epic Meal Time and you’ll be hungrier than a starving Sim. Almost 25 million channel views and over a million subscribers as we speak. The eighth-most viewed in Canada, and the most gnarliest foods since Man vs Food…maybe even gnarlier.

The first one cooks up a meatball deathstar, a whole bunch of cooked pasta stuffed inside a meatball covered with cheese…your mouth started watering, right? If you ain’t down with meatballs, and you ain’t down with almost 3.5 million views (since December 14, 2010), you ain’t down to no nothing!

Next, sushi and fast food finally fuse together to create the ultimate “fast food sushi”. Since December 7, it has over 5 million views. おいしい! That’s Japanese for “delicious”!

The final video is just salad. Without all the healthy stuff. Take your greens, and turn them into teins…proteins! That’s right, we got a meat salad with flank steak lettuce, spiced-up pepperoni carrots, meatball radishes, cucumber sausages, and Epic Meal Time ain’t epic without bits…beer bacon bits!

And if you think this is a carnivore’s dream come true, it doesn’t stop there. They’re live at Comic Con, and you go to Netflix.com/bacon, and watch some Kevin Bacon! Am I right, Internet?


That marks the end of another video effective, musical, and tasty YouTube treasure. From now on, check back every other Friday (which means a treasure one Friday, a regular post the next, and then another treasure the next) for more YouTube treasures, mateys!

– Sam

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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I have a confession to make. Yeah, it’s a secret. Not a top-secret secret. A secret. A secret that I don’t really care that’s exposed to the open. But if you tease me it’s the final straw. Here’s the secret…I read The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley. What? They’re good books, and usually last 80-something pages. So they’re not too hard to read in a day. I just finished 2 books (The Slam-Dunk Mystery, and The Rock Star’s Secret), and I’m working on The Case of the Wild Wolf Lake or something like that. These two meddling twin sleuths dub themselves “the Trenchcoat Twins”, who solve any crime by dinnertime. How adorable….

These are by a lady named Judy Katschke, and she writes pretty good in here. Also, these don’t have pictures, and some books you may read (especially picture books to the younger ones) may do have pictures. These don’t. Here are some titles I’ve read:

One I especially have longed to read is The Case of the Hollywood Who-Done-It. Just by glimpsing at the covers of some books, I instantly want to read them. That’s what happened with me and this book. I have wanted to read it since I first got introduced to it, let alone The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley alone. These are good books, and there is at least half a shelf full of these books at the Portage District Library, or maybe even more. They’re in the back of the Juvenile Room (no, not prison), at the Paperback Collection (along with titles like Chillers and Goosebumps), because the first two words of “Katschke” are KA, and the K-Z’s, about, get in the Paperback Collection. My thoughtful estimate. So today, maybe tomorrow, get to the Portage District Library and check out at least one of these books. Well, you don’t have to, like it’s a requirement that you mustn’t neglect. Boys can dwell off, while excited girls with flee to the PDL. But if you’re a girly dude…

There’s literally magic in every page that hooks me in like Scorpion’s spear…GET OVER HERE!

So, GET OVER to the PDL and get a Mary Kate & Ashley book.

– Sam

Hey guys it’s Sam and you should obviously know SpongeBob. He’s been running on Nick for like 10 years now.

Well, what would it be like if SpongeBob were a detective? That question will be answered in the upcoming season seven episode “Mystery with a Twistery”.


The episode’s situational crime is that Bikini Bottom’s most prized possession has been stolen…the key to the Krabby Patty formula! And as said, everyone’s a suspect if not proven innocent. So since no one’s innocent, everyone’s a suspect. It could be anyone, from Mr. Krabs to Mrs. Puff to…PLANKTON! Can the key be found before it’s Krabby Patties no more? Find out who did it in SpongeBob’s first-ever whodunit, “Mystery with a Twistery”.


The episode airs November 11 at 8/7c, which is basically 11 days away. So, 11 days from now, throw on your overcoat, put on your hat, grab your pipe, pop up some popcorn, and let 8:00 shine.

– Sam


Everyone could be the criminal. Even YOU…