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I had nothing better to do. And if Adventure Time is one of the top animated shows on Cartoon Network, why resist the chance? This may be the most sheepish award show I’ve done, but welcome to the 2011 Adventure Time Awards! (or the ATA’s, for short) Another one of my award show ditties where the votes really do count!

If we know Cartoon Network, we know Adventure Time. It’s the top show, chronicling the lives of the strongest boy-dog relationship there is: Finn the Human Boy, and Jake the Dog, as they embark on mathematical adventures, algebraic quests, and one mystery after another, even if it doesn’t finally revolve around the princess-kidnapping Ice King. Almost nearing its fourth birthday (counting the Animated Short) this Christmas with the Holly Jolly Secrets two-part series, I’ve decided that it should get an award show directly in its honor.

Today’s subject is the best title card, since there are a lot of whopping good title cards for each episode, mandatory almost like SpongeBob‘s. Each card is treated with serious care, and it does make a good reference onto the episode. I’ve decided to delve into these cards’ depths and pick out the best three. A final winner will go through with votes, and wins an incredibly cute baby Finn dance!

Enough talk, let’s get to our nominees!

Sky Writing WIN: “The Real You”

This one actually has one of my tokens for winning the dance! The card for an episode released this Valentine’s Day, I definitely felt the love, because there is no other title card built with this level of essence. Finn in the sky, built of the dust that surrounds the stars? I could drift into the most peaceful sleep ever looking at that…end of story. Picture Finn’s face up in the clouds…you would never believe the good that would happen that day, especially scoring that dance…

Beautiful Nightmare: “Mortal Folly”

An impressive illustration that actually happens in the first half of a two-part season finale. If you ask me, it looks like a humongous explosion of souls, that was actually the signal that it was officially “too late.” Another impressive illustration that captures every needed perspective required to pull this one off. Nice job, but nice enough to win the baby dance? That’s up to you…

Digital Dream Come True: “Guardians of Sunshine”

Finn and Jake had to take the trip into the video game world one day. And a couple days after my birthday, they finally did, but I can’t spoil whether or not they beat the virtually impossible frog, Sleepy Sam. Anyways, the title card just gives you that 8-bit feel, even with ‘PRESS START’ at the bottom of the card. Although I have no skeptically put idea who that dude is, it still adds to the experience, and a little bit to the game.

Ultimate Philosophy – “What Is Life?”

A last-second entry that released to the world in the starting month of summer 2010, although it seemingly has nothing to do with the episode, it has that sudden peaceful flow that almost relates to “The Real You” in terms of essence. Finn looks almost like he is meditating in prosperity, and some nice sky backgrounds, such as a plane and a V of birds heading south, really sets the tone.

Inception of Essence – “Memory of a Memory”

Another last-minute entry, this essence-filled title card just screams it at us. As my big token to win, we feel like we’re delving deep into the mind of one, filled with rainbows, clouds…and cows with PHIL FACE udders? I can always trust Adventure Time when I want a good-looking, detailed title card. Props to the artists, and props to this title card for the victory chances…


I’m not saying I think all the other title cards can be compared with a stomach virus, and I’ll actually be nominating them later on, but for now, good night, and party forever! Please subscribe so you can always have an eye on the award show, and if you blog here at WordPress, please click that like button to save a life….

– Sam


Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve decided to host an award show. You’re probably rolling on the floor laughing out loud (ROTFLOL), asking yourself, “How can this little kid host such a big show?” Well, it’s your votes that count, and the nominee with the most votes wins a nice Sammwak Award!

The first category, churned out in bed just past 11:00, is the best animated movie. And your nominees are…

Don’t tango with Rango. Gore Verbinski’s spaghetti Western comedy follows the chameleon Rango as he stumbles off his owner’s car and into the lawless Old Western town of Dirt. He carries zeal to become the new sheriff and the first good guy upon Dirt’s graveyard full of them. It just came out on DVD and Blu-Ray, it had its debut release on March 4 by Paramount, almost 2 weeks before St. Patrick’s Day. And good luck it did get with nonstop critical praise, and a #2 rank on Charter On Demand. Can Rango tango down with a nice golden Sammwak Award?

Feeling despicable? The director’s team of Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud was too, so they drank from a rusty bucket of water, and thus created Despicable Me. Universal Pictures is behind this 3D adventure, as Gru, the second-most evil super villain (behind Vector, the villain with magnitude) inherits three orphaned girls as pawns for his crime of the century…stealing the moon. But he finds out that their love for him is profoundly changing him, much to his partner’s (Dr. Nefario) dismay. He’s stuck with the decision between staying super bad, or becoming a super dad. What’s really super is how much success it got, critical and in the box office. Coughing up more than $530 million, as well as 2011 KCA, can Gru get the final inspiration to finish that shrink ray with a shiny golden Sammwak Award?

This is the final challenge. The biggest of all. This is the movie that beat out Rango as the #1 title on Charter On Demand. It is…Rio. We haven’t had much animal comedies with much music, but 20th Century Fox brought back what we needed for sure. The movie tells the story of the blue macaw Blu, shipped to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female. That female does turn out to be the bird of his dreams, Jewel. This mating duo works together to escape from the smuggling clutches of the cockatoo Nigel. But you know what they couldn’t escape…success. It was a bomb that blew up so far, they needed to make an app with the Angry Birds! (the chronological third, behind Seasons and the original) But can it fly far enough to catch a Sammwak Award on its path?


Those are your three choices of the best animated movie. Vote, vote, vote, and whoever gets the most votes wins a Sammwak Award! Start voting…now!

– Sam

p.s. Toy Story 3 is also a nominee, but the stupid Poll-daddy mechanics wouldn’t let me in on a fourth pick. You can also vote for TS3 if you want, as well as others you enjoy. Just a clarification.