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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I’ve got some darn important news today. News that could make or break my career of blogging, and your career of viewing my blogging. This could be the best news of your life, or the biggest upset in history. What’s going to follow from these news could be the epitome of blogging alone, or it could be one of the biggest lowlights in WordPress’s reputation. This–gosh, I’m terribly good at stalling, so I’m gonna give it to you straight. No curveballs, no fastballs, no sleazeballs, no nothin’. Well,(sigh), SAMMWAK IS GOING MOBILE! No, I haven’t made the official Sammwak app (yet), but I’ve made something equally crucial. My brand-new, officially 3rd blog. (Yeah, we’re putting that Third Power on hold.) It’s called 3GS: “like my own little social network”. What this means is I can still put up widgets (without widgets, you couldn’t check my stats, read the archives, or even subscribe) I can put up little “what’s on your mind” status updates, full posts, quotes, and links. Now, 3GS is open right now, and you can check it out by going to:


Once you get there–lemme warn you–it’ll look kinda ugly, but do expect a new coat of paint coming soon. Well, off I go, and off you go!

Stay classy,

~S~ 😎

p.s. Now, a lot of you know, that today’s (sigh) September 11. The eleventh anniversary of one of the most tragic events that ever occurred to the USA–9/11, also known as September 11September 11th, and the September 11 attacks. The global Islamist military organization al-Qaeda (whom was 13 years old at the time BTW) landed a series of four equally devastating attacks in the NYC-D.C. area. Altogether nearly 3,000 citizens became 9/11 casualties (including the hijackers), and so were several buildings; the most notorious destruction of all was the permanent demolition of the Twin Towers (which also became a pivotal subject in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, but that’s not the point), as well as several other World Trade Centers surrounding it. There was also the partial destruction of the Pentagon, but that got patched up in a year’s time. Enough talk, let’s get down to business. The meaning of all this is, we shouldn’t be standing in the darkness of the past–we should be stepping into the light of the future. And you can’t hog all this light for yourself–ever heard the song “This Little Light of Mine”? What did they do with that light?–They let it shine. Shine down on those who survived the attacks or lost a loved one in the attacks, shine down on the citizenship out of the 9/11 target area who were willing enough to go through sticks, stones, and broken bones to help the 9/11 unfortunate. And Michael J. Fox, the Marty McFly of Back to the Future, was willing to pitch in. So can you. Now God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.


And let that be known. I already told you all about the news, and what I found next was even more than I had blogged about. A surprise beyond surprises. A surprise good enough to land the cover story of the latest Nintendo Power! Lemme recap from my previous post about the news: “Back in the years of the twentieth century, there was a craze that I’d like to call the “animation invasion” or the “cartoon boom”. This was a time where cartoons literally came into our world and ran wild, changing rules and righting wrongs. This era still echoes in our minds today, but there are some mass-media businesses that brought us the echo, most of them being stuff like Nickelodeon or Disney. Nickelodeon jumped into action in about the early to late 90s, and perhaps the early 2000s as well, introducing timeless classics like DougRocko’s Modern LifeCatDog, and, of course, SpongeBob (most likely the only creation during the cartoon boom that still runs today). But don’t forget about Disney and all they’ve done with bringing memorable characters to our time. Especially Mickey Mouse, and this brings up a new point. If you were a Wii owner headed in the right direction as of ’10, you might have picked up the M. Mouse game Epic Mickey. And, like usual, it triggered a swarm of rumors about a possible sequel. Well, everything you’ve heard is true.”

I already informed you about information like Epic Mickey officially receiving a sequel, and the tons of debuts the new sequel was gonna have: Oswald making his playable debut, the series making its debut on console and computer alike, the new modes in the game, its plot and list of tentative titles, and even its possible date: holiday 2012. Well, you’re about to add more to what you already know, because Epic Mickey and company are coming back later this year, but not in just one sequel, but two! The NP cover story issue isn’t hitting the markets until tomorrow, so be lucky I’ve got this exclusive info for you. The two sequels will be The Power of Two for the Wii, and The Power of Illusion for the 3DS. Get your paint and thinner ready, folks—you’re getting more opportunity than you even bargained for.

Although I showed you four possible covers for the game that were competing for the ultimate and official title, they basically all lost to another cover that I honestly believe doesn’t parallel as much, but is still kinda cool.

But, hey—what the creators must announce is what the fans must anticipate. Anyway, let’s talk a bit about The Power of Two, the more-known-about sequel of the two, the one that actually has a Wikipedia article. The platform range for this game have branched out tremendously, abandoning the concept of being just a Wii-exclusive title. It is now available for the Mac OS X, the PC, and the three rivals of the seventh generation of gaming: the PS3, Wii, and X360. Now that’s a severe case of irony. The excitement first kindled thanks to Destructoid when they put up an article last summer speculating the sequel and its possible covers. The rumors inched closer to reality when the French division of Disney as well as game designer Warren Spector invited the French to an “epic project”  comencing in late March 2012. The rumors came even closer when Nintendo Power announced, at the end of their March ’12 issue, that their next issue in April would have a “top-secret” preview, and this is what that would look like if you actually read the last page:

Can you tell what those things at the bottom are?…

GameTrailers also stated that their March 22, 2012 episode would involve a “world-exclusive preview of Warren Spector’s new epic adventure”, and it would be “notably significant.” Tons of clues and mind-boggles later, Warren finally confirmed that the rumors were true on the 21st, and that the title of the game would be Power of Two, and would feature new parts of the city as well as old ones ruined by earthquakes and other natural disasters. But luckily, for us, I confirmed this information even earlier. Not to be a showoff. Warren said that over 700 people would be part of the sequel’s crew, and that over a thousand alters were made to the camera issues that were criticized in the first game. Now, about the plot.

Taking place some time after the original title, the Mad Doctor (whom Mickey had defeated in the original), mysteriously returns to the Wasteland, despite being presumably blown up in the original game. [This reminds me about a metaphor you could always use in these peculiar situations: when Kenny dies in South Park, he almost always comes back for the next episode he appears in.] Claiming to have realized the error of his ways, ironically enough, he offers to work alongside Oswald and other Wasteland residents to mend the damage caused by earthquakes in order to make a few amends.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt, Oswald accepts the Mad Doctor’s helpful plan for the city. However, not long after this, the Wasteland suffers even more wear-and-tear than before, and suspicion rises that the Mad Doctor is not keeping to his own truth. Gus the Gremlin, Oswald’s buddy advisor, and his girlfriend Ortensia (confirming that rabbits can actually have love lives), all come to a conclusion: “When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who we gonna call? MICKEY MOUSE!” And apparently this is the best possible plan since Mickey had saved Wasteland in 2010. Mickey climbs through the same mirror that he did in 2010, retrieves his magical paint-and-thinner brush from Yen Sid’s workshop, after having it taken away at the end of–gee, this game has a lot of tie-ins to its predecessor, doesn’t it? With the help of Gus, Mickey returns to the corrupted Wasteland to uncover the truth behind the Mad Doctor’s “little white lie”, with Oswald as a sidekick along the way.

And indeed, they discover that the Mad Doctor had tricked them, using his helpful offer as an excuse to create and release his new works known as “Blotworx” into the already troubled districts, hybrids of the original game’s Blotlings and Beetleworx. Realizing his mistake that could cost him the life of the city, Oswald becomes Mickey’s assist in taking down the Mad Doctor once again to fix a mess he himself had started.


For Wii users, your game will be developed by Junction Point Studios, but for PS3 and X360 users, yours will be from Blitz Games. For everyone, it will be published by Disney and distributed by Buena Vista, running under the Gamebryo engine, used by companies like 2K Games, Ubisoft, and Sony. Instead of coming out in the holidays of the year, it will instead come around the fall season in September. Waiting 5 months isn’t all that bad, is it? If you can’t wait, you can always hitch up the Nintendo Power April issue and get your fix before the primetime release.

Yep, this is the final cover art. Not some fake that I made to be show-y…POST APRIL FOOLS! You totally fell for that, didn’t you? Yeah, this is just a fake I made, but at least it looks cool. And, Disney, if you’re coming up with a cover for Power of Illusion, you could always use mine under my 100% permission, but only with 5% of the game’s financial revenues. Anyway, Power of Illusion will be an apparent 3DS-exclusive Epic Mickey sequel, and it will probably be the second of the two sequels, as its date is not yet determined. So, the game is basically a sequel’s sequel. This time, a company named Dreamrift will be grabbing the reins of development, and Peter Ong will be designing, but Disney and Buena Vista still have their jobs. It is not yet known what engine it will run on, but it has been spreading that the sequel will possibly be running under hand-drawn sprites and scrolling backgrounds, which Spector has confirmed as true.

The plot for this game is completely irrelevant with that of The Power of Two, but still takes place after the original game. In this, the evil witch Mizrable (good name), and her Castle of Illusion, have accidentally been transported to the Wasteland thanks to the wizard Yen Sid, the same guy with the workshop Mickey got his brush back from in Power of Two. Oswald tells Mickey the news, but also adds that Minnie Mouse has been detected inside. So now, for his second sequel, the two are on a mission to save not only Minnie, but the “Illusions” of other trapped Disney characters inside the castle.

The 3DS mechanics of the game basically resemble the game Scribblenauts; where you must write out words to convert them into real objects. In this game, you must trace out those objects to bring them to existence. And for people who aren’t the best illustrators, that’s a bad thing, since the quality of your drawings reflect on the quality of the drawn object. Nintendo Power used a cannon as an example. A well-traced cannon will only inflict harm on enemies, but a badly traced cannon can inflict harm on everyone else, even Mickey! Each stage of the game will resemble a different Disney animated feature. Some announced ones include Peter PanSleeping Beauty, and even Tangled.


So are you excited for these sequels? I know I’ll be checking the ratings in September this year to see if I should pick it up! Anyway, I’ll give you one last thing to participate in before you leave. Mwak out.

– Sam

p.s. Time for our Would You Rather o’ the Week! Would you rather…every time you go #1 in the bathroom, it lights on fire, or every time you go #2, it blows up?

Hey guys it’s Sam, and I probably know one thing on your mind: “What movie am I going to watch for the summer?” For some, you might be interested in the DC Comics superhero movie Green Lantern. Alien invasion junkies might be satisfied in the Spielberg summer flick Super 8. For fans of children’s literature film adaptations, you might keep your eyes peeled for Jim Carrey’s new comedy Mr. Popper’s Penguins. But for fans of famed Disney animated comedies, Cars 2 is the one for you. Some July movies are Winnie the Pooh, the second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the third and final of the Transformers series (another Spielberg flick), and the Weird Western sci-fi Cowboys & Aliens. But the one I’d like to talk about is a children’s literature film adaptation. One of America’s most beloved book series. All I say is…it’s super RARE!

That’s right. It’s coming, people. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is what you’ll watch for the summer. Picking up where Megan McDonald’s Judy Moody series leaves off, with the moodiest third-grader heroine planning a super-duper-double-rare vacation with friends Rocky and Amy. But here’s the thing–Rocky has left to circus camp to learn to become a lion-tamer, and Amy has headed to Borneo to save a lost tribe with her mom. Even her own parents also take a trip—to California, leaving Judy behind with Stink, her never-met-before Aunt Opal, and her 2nd-best paste-eating friend, Frank Pearl. It looks like Judy’s best summer has taken the road to the worst. Will the feisty, frisky and moody Judy avail her summer (with some unexpected sources)? Or will it really be a bummer?

Like I said, Jordana Beatty tackles the lead role as the titular Judy Moody. Parris Mosteller is Judy’s brother Stink, and Heather Graham (from The Hangover and Bowfinger) as the never-met-before Aunt Opal. Janet Varney (Psych, Dante’s Inferno) casts as Mrs. Moody, and Jaleel White (Family Matters) as teacher Mr. Todd. 10-year old Preston Bailey is the paste-eating Frank Pearl, and Ashley Boettcher as Jessica Finch. Check out this DOUBLE-SUPER-EPIC-TOTALLY-MEDIUM RARE trailer:

A treat from Relativity Media and Smokewood Entertainment, the moodiest movie of all is due to release June 10. Get those tickets, raid those snacks, and hit some good seats!

Yours truly,

Samuel M. 😉

Okay never mind about the top 10 bails. These bails are much more brutal-er. These come from saintzrow33, so give his skater a thumbs up…if he still has any!

Forget pwning n00bs. This n00b skater (no offense) gets pwned by the open-world through bails that can break tons of bones and should OBVIOUSLY not be tried at home. Dude, you could break a spine. Even if this is for the kids out there, I gotta say this…don’t try skateboarding. I mean, you could, but bailing is just one half. You could get your ribs broken. You could get a extremely bad nosejob like a punch in the nose in boxing. But let’s stick to the point…skating is so dangerous, you could pop a vein through your nose. I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the video:

The song playing during the montage is “I Am Not a Whore” by LMFAO, from the album Party Rock. Here’s the link if you want to download that song for your iTunes, or the whole album, in that matter:


But anyways, still comment/email me some of your most hardcore bails. Because there’s no such thing as a bad bail….okay, maybe there is.

But, anyways, bye. Sam

Hey guys guess what? I just got a peek of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2011, and it is freakishly epic! Oh and remember the guy on the cover, you know, “Tigerface”?

Don’t freak. It’s just a face-painting. You haven’t seen that book yet, for it contains stuff like:

A dude with a third ear (on his arm)!

A 29-inch Chinese dude who meets an English lady whose legs are 52 inches ALONE! :O

A guy who makes Barack Obama out of 12, 743 gumballs!

Among many, many more!

But, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has actually bought something so absurd, it deserves to be in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Special Edition 2012…it’s an M&M Eminem!

The amazing dude who made this masterpiece is actually a candy artist, Enrique Ramos, to be exact. This was made out of more than 1,000 M&Ms alone, and measures 40 inches by 30 inches, weighing just eight pounds. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! was so amused from the painting that they bought it for an undisclosed amount for their Odditorium. Hopefully, they’ll have some AC down there!

“This thing looks good enough to eat!” says Tim O’ Brien, the vice president of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! I can’t speak to all Eminem fanboys and fangirls, but I won’t be having a 40-inch Eminem out of M&M’s for dessert anytime sooner. No, thank you.

But the portrait isn’t alone. Its friends, gumball Michael Jackson and lint Princess Diana have joined the sugary MC as well.

If it actually made it into the 2012 edition, I’d call it ‘Sugary Star‘. What would YOU call it? Comment or email me your title for this sugary dude!

If you want, check out Ripley’s site for more weird epicness. Like Ripley said himself before he died, “Nothing’s stranger than the truth.”


Believe it or not, Sam is signing out. PEACE!