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It’s the biggest time on TV. It’s the biggest time in the world. Bigger than the World Cup, even. (No offense, Africans.) The only time where every kid gets to actually enjoy something on TV! Here are some hints…big….orange…and full of SLIME!

That’s right, kids. Man your remotes. Tackle the TVs. Pop that popcorn. Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards 2011 is just 2 days away! As you all know, since its big debut in 1986 as “the Big Ballot”, the KCA has always been bent on the kids’ choices. And if one is lucky, they’ll earn a nice, orange kaleidoscope KCA blimp! And now, in 2011, you can finally choose! Hosted by Jack Black–his third time to host–the show is guaranteed to be 1,000,000% epic guaranteed! Here’s a little taste of what to expect:

Ballots are out and free to vote for, and if you want to make a difference to a celebrity’s heart, click here!

Tune into the Nick KCA 2011 on Saturday, April 2 at 8:00! Be there or be…SLIMED!

With all due respect,