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Hey guys it’s Sam and you should know The Sims 3 by now. It’s a life-simulation game brought to you by Electronic Arts, or EA, where you customize a humanoid avatar aka a “Sim” in a select town where you get a job, have a relationship, get married, have kids, and vice versa. It’s exactly a resemblance from that to the real life. Except Sims don’t speak English. They speak their own language, ‘Simmish”, to be exact. So this means every TV channel, is all in Simmish, from Cookin’ Cable to Fishing Fracas to even Sports Universe and Terror TV. And it won’t be long before you find out Simmish music, such as rockabilly, soul, and even hip-hop. But let’s stop talking turkey and talk ham. Because the latest expansion pack (the past packs were World Adventures, and Ambitions) just released a couple months ago, back in late October. It’s what I’d like to call…Late Night.

If you’ve played The Sims 2: Nightlife, you have a good image of this game. Heck, you could even call it The Sims 3: Nightlife. This game is like a bat. Quiet at day, active at night. So is this game. There’s probably more to do at night then at day. You could get your groove on at Aquarius, the local dance club of Bridgeport. You could hit a film career and be an outstanding actor or actress. Oh, and speaking of Bridgeport, it’s the new city with “all the good stuff.” It came with the game, like Twinbrook came with Ambitions. This is a pic of Bridgeport:

Can’t you feel the high-tech already? I can. Oh, and the vampires are back. And the bars of a regular Sim is Hunger, Hygiene, Social, Fun, and Bladder. Vampires don’t hunger. They THIRST. Isn’t it kind of obvious? They can only satisfy this by collecting Plasma, or, for humanity, blood. But vampires can also depend on Plasma fruits or even Plasma packs. But the thing is, if you wanna feed, you gotta ASK. That’s kind of pointless, because you know everyone’s gonna say NO.

My Sim is that lucky, athletic, virtuoso kind of man. His name? Sam Harris. I’ve named almost every one of my Sims after me. He already hit a job as an actor, and he previously got promoted for a Best Boy, despite the fact that they aren’t the best and typically aren’t always boys. Eh, what the heck? If you gotta roll with it, roll with it. Surfers gotta surf. Teachers gotta teach. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you this. There are Celebrity Points in this game. If you got 5 stars, you’re a celebrity. Congrats. I only got 2 or 3 Points, so don’t rub it in my face. In The Sims 2, some people were likely enough to use a hot tub nude, at least without children or teenagers in the area. But in Late Night, this has been brought to the next level…meet skinny-dipping. What is it? It’s swimming nude, basically. You can even swim in legitimate pools now. Your clothes will be a heap at the poolside. But here’s the gimmick. Celebrities can snag a skinny-dipper’s clothes! Those Sims will have to walk around in a towel. But you gotta have stealth to pull it off. A stealthy celeb is the key. Paparazzi could photograph you in the act, and who knows what the skinny-dipper will do to you once they find out? Maybe punch your lights out? Pop a vein through your nose? Brawl you so hard, a cloud of mist forms? But note that only grown-ups can skinny-dip, and they can’t dip when children and teens are in the area. Skinny-dipping will eventually get you the “Exhilarated” moodlet. At least it did for me.

You also have zodiac signs? What is your Sim gonna be? An Aries? A Taurus? A Gemini? A Cancer? A Leo? A Virgo? A Lebra? A Scorpio? A Sagittarius? A Capricorn? An Aquarius? Or a Pisces? I can’t decide for all of you when I have almost 2,000 hits. BTW very impressive! It warms my heart when I see, more and more people are liking me! Seeing me, a nobody, turn into a somebody, it makes me grin! So does Emoti. 😀

Buy your copy today, or just slap it on your wishlist! Maybe Santa Claus will do the trick…

L8trs, Sam