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Hey guys it’s Sam, and I feel like digging something. Just uprooting something from the earth. Oh, which reminds me…it’s time for another YouTube treasure that needs discovering, mateys! This time, I’m going to talk about someone who has been putting smiles on our face since the summer of 2006. A man that maintains three channels weekly and still pulls it off, a man that has made its way to even merchandise. He has over a million subscribers on YouTube (including me for all 3 of his channels), over 200,000 followers on Twitter, and over 100,000 likes on Facebook. Whether it’s his Cute Win Fail series, or his Literal trailers, or his Lazy Vlogs or Let’s Plays, you must not be watching enough YouTube if you don’t know that this guy’s ranked among the top 30 YouTubers. His name is Toby Tobuscus [Joe] Turner, known simply as Tobuscus.

“Do-do, do-do-do-do-do-DO, subscribe!”

– The official Tobuscus theme song

Besides being a YouTube personality, Toby (also a close friend of iJustine, and confirmed-to-be-fake girlfriend) has also tried his hands at acting and stand-up comedy. He was born in March 1985, a couple months before the primetime release of Super Mario Bros. His first video demonstrated what Toby would do with the remote from Click (released on the same day of the video), and its quick popularity gave Toby his YouTubing start. That video currently has over 400,000 views. Believe it or not, Tobuscus was not Toby’s first-ever channel; it instead was his “LazyVlog” second channel, TobyTurner, launched a month before Tobuscus. 4 years later, TobyGames, the third out of 3 channels, came to be and became Toby’s official gaming channel, since his gaming videos were originally on TobyTurner. His most famous video remains the Literal Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood trailer at over 20 million views. TobyGames ranks #83 on the top 100 YouTubers’ list at 899 thousand subscribers, matter of fact, even beating David Guetta’s channel. Lemme show you some examples of what you would find @ all 3 of his channels:

“That was rhetorical, you know I am the oracle, I know you like my sword, it’s made of frickin’ diamonds…”

It’s been 4 days and this video has already gone past the one-million-view mark. This video is called “I Can Swing My Sword!” from Tobuscus (the main channel), talking about how much a diamond sword means to a Minecraft-turned Toby, and it meansa lotto that fella. By the way, diamond swords are the highest ranks of swords ever in the game of Minecraft. This very song inspired me to change my Google icon from a Raccoon Tail Mario to a diamond sword (a decision I currently do not regret), and the song will forever be my “ultimate diamond sword theme song anthem”. The spot-on animations were provided by the fellow YouTube channel GonzoSSM, whose videos consist entirely of these animations. The two channels have collaborated on other Tobuscus videos like “Safety Torch“, the “Tobuscus Adventures” series, the “Animated Tobuscus” videos, the timeless hit “Nugget in a Biscuit“, among others. This same video was released on TobyTurner under the name “Minecraft Diamond Sword Song” a while after the Tobuscus version, which is the reason why it has only almost 200,000 hits. He ranks as the twenty-fifth most subscribed channel of all time, #10 in the Directors division, and #50 most viewed in the Directors division. And he has a whole lotta other honors.

“Audience? Wha-what are you doing [please insert scenario]?”

This is one of Toby’s many Lazy Vlogs, released on April Fools Day 2 weeks ago, and it’s called “April Fools Day Disease“, currently at over 100,000 hits. These kind of videos can range upon subjects like recently-heard tweets, the origin of Tobuscus, and real-life Minecraft objects (there is one for the diamond sword and one for the diamond pickaxe). Anyway, the channel releases a new vid almost every day, and has over 600,000 subscribers and over 100 million video views. Toby’s companion channel ranks as the #1 subscribed channel in the Reporters division, #3 this month, and #12 most viewed. In this video, Toby talks about how sick he is, among other topics. And like this post if you feel bad for him about that.

Sometimes on Toby’s third channel, he’ll make little 1-minute snippets of his videos, and they’re quite diverse since Toby’s usual Let’s Play series go for at least 100 videos apiece, no lie. This one is a Skyrim snippet called “My Son Is A Failure“, featuring Toby making uncivilized remarks against a giant, and eventually boasting about his win over the beast with a little too large of arrow use. These videos alone can reach 100,000 views apiece on average, surprisingly enough. He currently has play-throughs for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Halo Reach, Minecraft (not big surprise), Limbo, Skyrim, Rayman Origins, among others. Ever since summer 2010, he is the eighty-second most subscribed channel of all time, with almost 896 thousand subscribers and over 300 million video views, making him #10 at both most viewed and subscribed, in the Gurus division.


Tobuscus has also been no stranger to memes online. He has an article on Know Your Meme (currently being researched & evaluated), and here are some of his meme entries:

See? Oh, I think I should probably wrap this one up. Thanks for joining me at Sammwak, and be a doll and make sure you rate, comment, like, share, etc. for this post, and make sure you subscribe to both me and Tobuscus! He’s got some pretty sweet stuff, guys. You can also follow me at Google+ or send me an email (samgwamaka@gmail) if you feel like it! Now if you’ll excuse me, [feel free to insert your own scenario].

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