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Greetings, fellow homosapiens.

Now, ever since the eighth generation of gaming began with the big brawl between the PS4 and the Xbox One while the Wii U kind of just sat in the corner, there has been two words that have spread like wildfire.

“Next gen”. As in “next generation”, as in “the future of video games as we have already established them”.

Big triple-A titles like Titanfall and Watch Dogs being pampered with crazy amounts of hype at E3 only to be released to polarization and backlash from the audience have gotten me to think about what these games have in common.

I started to analyze their aesthetics, and I then realized one thing.

They are all trying to live up to the “next gen” title by means of visual appeal, in trailers or promos or just general footage that is being shown to the public.

And this perfectly describes the new Mortal Kombat X teaser that just dropped.

(Warning: Graphic content because, you know, it’s Mortal Kombat.)

With their 2011 reboot, Mortal Kombat pulled off an excellent recovery from the wholly disappointing Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. (The game actually managed to get a T rating, and I’ll leave it at that.) Rumors about a tenth MK game had been surfacing from as early as last year’s SDCC, with one of the producers of the web series MK Legacy saying that there were plans to release this game alongside an MK movie. Back in February, Kiefer Sutherland of 24 fame claimed to be in on it. The game’s poster was leaked, and rumors continued about stuff like it having a completely original story. I’ll just assume it goes somewhere on the arc, whether it be in the original trilogy, the middle, or after the events of the reboot.

However, everything was just a possibility until the game finally received an official announcement, with a little two-minute teaser to accompany it (see above). The teaser does literally nothing more than tell you that the game exists. That is it. No character reveals, nothing about the story, not even a “coming soon” or anything.

It’s Sub-Zero and Scorpion fighting in a wintry forest to Wiz Khalifa. That is a sentence I never thought I would type. The trailer also frequently alters between “next gen” cinematics and what could possibly be actual gameplay, although it still has the cinematic tint to it, so I highly doubt that’ll be the final look. At the very least, it is shown that x-ray moves will be returning. Yay.

I thought trailers were supposed to entice people into watching the movie/playing the game that it sponsored. At the very least, it should help make some sort of decision. You can use actual game footage or use cinematics/live-action/CG to at least set the atmosphere and tone of the game. The Dead Island trailer (also pretty graphic) was hailed for the sheer amount of emotion that it portrayed and its subtle ways of explaining the game. (And it is absolutely crushing that when compared to the trailer, the game was so meh.)

If you enjoy fancy graphics and good old-fashioned violence, then you might like the MKX teaser. If you want to find anything out about the game, don’t bother. Hopefully, the game will get some more light shone on it when it debuts at E3 this year, and as of now it’s scheduled for a release sometime next year for the PC and all next-gen/past-gen Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Farewell, fellow homosapiens.





Hey guys, it’s Sam. You should remember my little post I made about “Shoop da Whoop” I made in July 2010, but if you don’t have a bell rung, click here!

That Internet meme is becoming famous faster than you can say “Peter Piper”, and a blogger does not lie. But it doesn’t just come out of someone’s mouth and then start exploding everywhere else. But there’s a reason for everything. I created this blog because I like it. My brother created his blog because he wanted to show viewers a successful life through innovation…

Well, this isn’t much about our family, is it? The real reason that Shoop da Whoop got hot was in the hands of an epic YouTuber named Dominic Fear. His channel is the sixty-third most viewed grouped by the category comedy. This guy created a whole tetralogy that he called “The Lazer Collection” through DFear Studios. I wasn’t really up for it now, but now that I’ve seen it, I ROFL trying. If you’re a real junkie for stuff like this, you can even check out Uncyclopedia’s lessons on how to Shoop a Whoop RIGHT.

But still, check out the whole foursome here, and trust me, you’ll be ROFLing after numero uno. (Although number four is a little of a lot rusty.)

And now that this collection is bombing ALREADY, Dominic’s already in the process of making a FIFTH compilation for the pentalogy. And as I said, A BLOGGER DOES NOT LIE. You can even check out the trailer DFear already made here:

May 2011. The magic month for more LAZERS. And while you wait, you can check back at Sammwak for more posts that’ll make you ROFL as hard as the LAZER COLLECTION!

Sincerely yours,


p.s. Check out this cool Shoop emoticon I made!