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Hey guys it’s Sam, and my birthday is now just four days away. Can I get some applause?********Thank you. Now, it’s time for another time to dig up a fresh YouTube treasure, mateys! Our last treasure took place 2 weeks ago in a rather dorkly series of events, so it should be time to dig up another one, right? A lot of people make a lot of stick figure videos on YouTube (even I was originally capable of doing so, but I was underage at the time), and with a lucky run, they go viral. And by viral, I mean at least 10 million views apiece. I know a lot of stick figure videos out there aren’t at milestones this high (but are still hoping to do so), but there’s only one person I know who has done so. His name is , and whether you’ve heard of his “ASDF (pronounced as-duff) Movie” series or not, he’s a pretty funny guy, and I’ve got proof.

Rated E10+ for ages 10 and up for violence including blood, fire, explosions, guns, and slapstick, mild/suggestive language, and strong humor.

There’s also one other video I wanted to show you, the video that gave this post its clever name. This video is the only known TomSka stick-figure video that hasn’t reached a minimum of 10 million hits yet, but I’m not criticizing Tom or any of his fans. If you’ve seen all the videos, you’ve most likely seen a recurring gag: a kid that stares at the camera and says “I like trains.” before being hit by a train. Well, guess what? He got his own video! Known as the “I Like Trains Kid”, the next video is a song about the story of our famous recurring gag, and it’s surpassed 7.5 million hits since September 2011.

Rated E10+ for ages 10 and up for blood, mild violence including trains, and severe humor.

(If you see this, comment “I like trains” in the section below.)

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– Sam