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Hey guys it’s Sam. There are just some cartoons out there that are so darn popular, they even get interpreted into other terms of media, like Mickey Mouse in Beauty and the Beast or something like that. And some of those people have permission all on their own, like it’s perfectly normal. Especially a specific group of praised puppetry known as the Muppets, created by the late Jim Henson, aka “the Muppeteer”. While they’ve been alive for almost six decades now, the Muppets have also been known [besides their show in the late 70s and early 80s] to star in film, twisting classics like The Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Carol. But there’s been no Muppet mix-up quite like this. Taking you to the days where treasure hunting was practically everything, this Muppet movie from 1996 told you to “set sail for Muppet mayhem!” And Muppet mayhem it was.

You may know them as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, but in this modern twist they are Captain Abraham Smollett and Benjamina Gunn, prisoners of love with a past affiliation of being ex-fiancees.

Muppet Treasure Island (1996), a musical action-dramedy film, the fifth Muppet feature film so far, re-enacts Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless Treasure Island that’s been with us for over a century. In this revamp, our Muppet pals are back on the attack, with Captain Smollett (Kermit) and his colleagues engaging in wide-open-sea warfare against a pack of ruthless pirates. They’re also headed toward the same goal: a chest of buried treasure, the movie being called Muppet Treasure Island. As with the previous film (A Muppet Christmas Carol), the more essential roles are ironically played by human beings, but they’ve always had a good reason to conceal it. The protagonist of the movie, also of the book, is an orphaned boy named Jim Hawkins who befriends fellow Muppets Rizzo the Rat and the Great Gonzo (he wasn’t Gonzo the Great as of 1996, I guess). If you’re familiar with movies full of shabby, singing seamen who all too easily drain the barrel of rum, then I guess this is gonna be old for you. If you’re familiar with movies full of wisecracking, singing puppets who all too easily make good money, then I guess this is gonna be old for you too.

It’s not that Muppet Treasure Island is bad…it’s just not great, either. I didn’t get completely sucked into the action as I hoped I would for a Muppet movie, and they had bad timing to balance between funny moments, serious moments, and those moments where Muppets unexpectedly break into song annoyingly. And if you see the pie chart above, these musical moments appear all too frequently. You’ll be laughing hysterically at one scene while being completely bored out by the next, but Muppet Treasure Island clearly isn’t the best Muppet movie…just not the worst.  On the bright side, the movie in general is a cheerful and energetic take on the classic, full of supposedly solid gags, though honestly less centric than the originals. But it also does tremendously well breaking the fourth wall more than once (“He’s dead? And this was supposed to be a kids movie!”)  And a Muppet movie should pay reasonable attention on each Muppet throughout the movie (but not as much as an ensemble movie would), not juggle scenes between man and Muppet. That’s just hard to pull off. The music isn’t half-bad, either. Check out these songs from the OST called “Boom Shakalaka” and “Cabin Fever”.

Chart, please.

 2 out of 5 – Educational value –  The movie is meant for amusement only, but it being a Treasure Island twist, it introduces characters and situations from the book. Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver are actually characters from the book, for instance. Also, words are defined like “helm” and “North Star.”

 3 1/2 out of 5 – Positive messages – This movie makes great use of the phrase “Everyone might not be who they say they are.” For example, Long John Silver appears friendly at first to young Hawkins, but this proves later on to be a scam. Hawkins who feels as if he has no family finds out that the conceptualization of family isn’t simply defined: a family can compose from people (or Muppets, or a “whatever” like Gonzo) who aren’t really affiliated with you, but love and protect you and have your best interests anyway.

3 1/2 out of 5 – Positive role models – Young Hawkins, a centric character, is “honest, brave, and true” throughout the movie, and the key Muppet (Captain Smollett) is compassionate, trustworthy, and reliable. The overblown, comical baddies are greedy and destructive, but they do suffer the side-effects of their misbehavior.

3 3/4 out of 5 – Ease of view – Muppet Treasure Island, like I said, isn’t the best Muppet movie to date, nor is it as centric as past and future titles, but its humorous gags, catchy music, and cheerful energy make for a good, acceptable apology for its own flaws. And that’s all that matters in the Muppet world.

4 out of 5 – Violence – A surprising amount for a G-rated movie, whether pratfall, slapstick, or actual. Hawkins and his “family” are pursued by angry pirates throughout their home. Pirates are chased by the sparks of gunpowder before eventually having it set off, evoking an explosion with fiery consequences in Hawkins’ home. Gunnery and swordplay occur frequently. There is one minor seaman character named Dead Tom, who is basically a skeleton. Knife threats and torture/death referencing occur, as well as the appearance of wild tribal pigs. Smollett and Benjamina are tied by their feet and dangled precariously above the sea by their own will. Someone dies onscreen, eyes shut and mouth open. A Muppet named Mr. Errol pretends to be a ghost long after walking the plank, and this proves successful, making all the shipmates jump overboard in fear. It’s all exaggerated violence and, like with any kids movie, is meant to be more funny than scary.

 2 3/4 out of 5 – Inappropriate Content – Benjamina makes a slightly steamy comment to Long John. Smollett ends up grabbing and holding his dress-wearing ex-fiancee by the feet after her rope gives way above the precipice, putting him in a traumatizing stance, if you know what I mean. Play the cards right, I ain’t gonna tell you. One Muppet defines the sea as “the big, blue wet thing”. Hawkins is mistaken by a Muppet as being a girl.

1 out of 5 – Language – Salty language for salty pirates, of course. Slight sprinklings like “hell” and “damnation” occur from the pirates’ oral perspectives.

2 1/2 out of 5 – Product Placement – The Muppets are very famous titles in the cartoon world. Fourth-wall fracture occurs twice: “He’s dead? And this was supposed to be a kids movie!” and “…we couldn’t save the movie!”

3 out of 5 – Drinking, Drugs, and/or Smoking – Rowdy pirates are onscreen drinking in a tavern from pewter mugs. Long John Silver brings a couple servings of the best brandy around to toast to the voyage, but Smollett refuses to allow it, saying that there will be “no drinking on this ship.” Long John then proceeds to ensure that every last drop of alcohol is tossed overboard. One Muppet repeatedly fills their cup and dumps it out the window, converting between Long John’s attempts and Smollett’s refusal.


Smarts: A- (4 points)

See-Again Ratio: A- (4 points)

Fun: A+ (5 points)

Entertainment: A+ (5 points)

Humor: A+ (5 points)

Style: A- (4 points)

FINAL SCORE: 27 out of 30 (not bad, for a Muppet movie), 4 stars out of 5, 82% out of 100%

CONSENSUS: It may not shine as brightly as other titles, and it’s not as Muppet-centric, but Muppet Treasure Island is still a worthwhile entry full of great gags, music, and energy, despite it being arguably the most violent Muppet movie yet.

PRICE: Thy proclaim thee has a desire to possess a version made to be similar or identical to Muppet Treasure Island? Surely! Thou Kermit’s 50th Anniversary particular version will require the payment of $10 with 34% of thy savings. Thee used particular version will require the—y’know what, sounding like a gentlemen is really boring. The used copies of the movie are $7, while the new are $9. The regular version has a new price of $36, and a used one of $7. At Blockbuster, a weekly rental costs $5, no subscription required, with only about a day to wait.

IS THIS A POPCORN PICK?: Despite all I have pointed out, yes, I guess it truly is a popcorn pick.



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Hey guys it’s Sam, and if you remember the stuff I keep forgetting about but then unexpectedly revamp later on, you wouldn’t be surprised that I did that exact thing with YouTube Treasures. The last post I made in that series was probably, like, summer 2011. Summer 2011! And as a gift of apology, I’ve decided to bring one of our most beloved series back with a new and hilarious subject. If you love the geniuses behind CollegeHumor, wait until you see their next creation…

Link went through all eight dungeons, losing and finding new hearts, and going through a heck of a lot of Octoroks, just to find out that Zelda's got another man. Okay, now I feel bad for Link instead of Zelda!

The concept for Dorkly actually came round at the start of 2007, and ever since all of the videos have garnered over 35 million views with almost 45,000 people liking its Facebook page. The premise that makes Dorkly such a hit is the manipulation upon our loved video game characters, whether known (Mario, Link, Mega Man, etc.) or not known (Popo and Nana from Ice Climber, for example), making themselves move and talk in various ways, such as trying to get a good deal on a bike, trying to be tutored, or even hanging off the edge of a cliff. This is what made Dorkly the sensation that it is today in the first place. Dorkly is classified as a “video game humor site”, and that’s the best description you can find, since these vids are godtear funny (that’s “swag talk” for “super funny”). Have you wondered what it would be like if you could pay for DLC for the most classic of games with “NES points”? Have you wondered what Legend of Zelda would be like if Link found a Portal gun? Have you ever wanted to see the worst way to open a barrel in Donkey Kong Country? You, my friend, are going to find out.

If Classic Games Had DLC“, released near the end of Nov 2011 with over 80,000 hits, visualizes the question, “What if classic games had DLC?” What if you could use “NES points” to buy stuff like cheesy Yoshi armor, a knife at a bare-knuckle (and chi) brawl, the fourth sacred Tri-force piece, a Mario Kart banana on the go, and even a second Sonic (but as we all know, that’s already taken). Enough with the “what if” questions, though, go on and see the video.

Diddy Kong Barrel Trouble“, released the day before New Year’s Eve 2010 with over half a million hits, visualizes the only way for Donkey Kong to open a barrel in the world of Donkey Kong Country: the wrong way. The way where—oh, sorry, this is the part where you watch the video.

Link to the Past with a Portal Gun“, released near the end of Nov 2011 with almost 80,000 hits, visualizes how A Link to the Past could’ve played out with a Portal gun. As the description states, “When life gives you the Tri-force, make Tri-force grenades.” Link gets creative in many different ways to take down his opponents or save himself from impending doom, but I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you this: Portals + chickens + final boss = ….

Street Fighter Meter Maid“, released near the start of Jan 2011  with almost 700,000 hits, shows what Street Fighter‘s ferociously adorable Blanka would be like as a “meter maid” and how he would cope with parking violations: destroying cars from the outside in. He won’t listen to your complaints, he won’t listen to your story, he just wants you to teach you a lesson from all the car-destroying he did in the Street Fighter series.


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Hey guys it’s Sam and I’ve dug up yet another valuable YouTube treasure, matey! This is a post fueled of excitement and happiness, so don’t be surprised if I go too crazy. Well, anyway, in the wee ending days of October, my dad and I ordered 5 TechDecks on eBay for about 6 dollars. They would be shipped to our home from November 16th-30th. But what day is it now? And I already have my beautiful TechDecks!

A full examination of the elements of a TechDeck (from left to right): the wheels, the trucks, and the board.

A specifically-described TechDeck would be a miniature skateboard, or a “fingerboard.” It may seem like a boring bare minimum, but almost all the boys in my class used to be addicted to these things. They would trade boards with one another, or even trucks and wheels. But who knew that there were actual fingerboard championships this year, in this country, for a $5,000 cash prize? And who else to announce the grand winner but skating legend Tony Hawk? I tell you, TechDecks are serious stuff. Here are three videos of that championship in their chronological order: the Minneapolis qualifier (almost 30,000 views), the Denver qualifier (almost 25,000 views), and the finals (100,000+ views, which were held just last month in the big NYC!).

Now geeks will definitely be remembered in skateboarding history. But anyway, you can find these all over Walmart, eBay, you name it, TechDecks are there…well, maybe not everywhere. And they go for serious prices, like Walmart forcing it online for over forty big ones! There are actually even park sets like half-pipes and rails available for sale along with TechDecks.


eBay – There are many different prices (the “Buy It Now + Free Shipping” kinds recommended), but the highest ones usually reach peaks of up to sixty dollars.

Walmart – One 4-pack of boards costed 10 dollars, but there are only 14 items in stock when you search up “tech deck”, but they’re all mostly half-pipes and other sets.

Amazon – One 96MM 4-pack of boards costed 15 dollars, but again it’s mostly park sets, with the exclusion of some head-smackingly expensive boards compared to normal.


Check out the site of all finger-skating sites at techdeck.com, and also, if you already own a TechDeck or just want some sourcing guided help, check out these tutorial videos of how to perform tricks like kickflips (almost 253,000 views) or even simple ollies (almost 12,000 views).

So anyway, subscribe, like, comment, oh my! And make sure to get your share of Tech-Decking, and tell me about your finger-boarding history in a comment! Also check by every Friday on 2Sam2Mwak for…ah, you get the point.

Later, gator. After a while, crocodile. See you soon, raccoon.

– Sam


Hey it’s Sam with another great YouTube treasure, mateys! (Why do I keep saying that?) And if you are a modern-day person, don’t watch TV, and/or might not have a life, you may not know Looney Tunes. Be as it may, it may be the most timeless cartoon the networks have ever seen. And now that it’s gotten a 2011 rejuvenation, we now know it with The Looney Tunes Show, bringing every old-school character and possibly converting them into the most new-school people I’ve seen. And that’s what today is about. While we may not be focusing on the show in general, we’re focusing on one of my favorite aspects of the show: “Merrie Melodies”.

This is the title card of the first Merrie Melody from the thirties.

Merrie Melodies are songs (usually 2 min. at most) featuring classic Looney Tunes characters singing original songs. If you don’t ROFL at these videos, then you have no emotion. Hands down. There are actually lots of YouTubers that release TLTS melodies. And I actually give you extra points if you have some of these on iTunes or Windows Media Player (at least a music player in general). Some videos have gotten over 100,000 views while others haven’t, but it’s the song that counts.

This first song is about Chickenhawk, a hawk who loves chicken. Crispy, glazed, baked, fried…come on, he eats chicken cake for his birthday. (130,000 views since May 2011.)

The next song is about Elmer Fudd’s love for grilled cheese sandwiches. I do criticize him, because he rejects a burger, a shake, a cake, and a steak for that cheese! (Now that’s what I call true love.) >:-( 100,000 views since May 2011. )-:<

Another song stars Marvin the Martian, and he sings about how he’s really a good guy despite being from Mars. He shares cheese pizza and lemonade, and–oh, this is the best part–he’s the ultimate host of puppies; he makes them in his lab. (20,000 views since June 2011. And yes…this is Cartoon Network’s channel.)

The final song is a love song. But not any love song. It stars Lola. Yeah, that crazy psycho stalker bunny after Bugs. She tries to tell him he’s in love, but he tries to get out of it in every way possible…even if he has to go tooth-and-nail on her. (Almost 100,000 views since July 2011.)


So for any of you who don’t watch this show yet, I have four reasons why you should. In fact, you just saw them. So catch The Looney Tunes Show Tuesdays at 8:00 on Cartoon Network! It’s actually better than you think…;)

Your blogger,


p.s. This post is dedicated to my friends, Benny and Jerry Kagumba. Why? Because they were the first to witness this awesomeness…and they’ve been with me for years now. So, if you’re reading this, this is in your honor.

Hey it’s Sam, and here’s another YouTube treasure I dug up, mateys! Today’s treasure is actually not just from one user…it’s from three! I just felt like it, because today is Thursday. A triple Thursday of treasures. These YouTube stars are famous online and off, and are actually huge icons. The first YouTube star is the king of VFX (video effects, for all of you who don’t do abbreviations) mastery, Frederick “Freddie” Wong, or as his username goes by, freddiew. He has over 30 million channel views, and over one million subscribers.

The first video is a real-life tribute to an infinitely looping gif which you can find here. It’s called “Big Blue Ball Machine”, and currently stands with over one million views since July 16.

The next one is called “Arcade Dominator”, where Wong heads to the arcade and dominates all, from air hockey to a perfect skeeball game to a flawless Guitar Hero shredding session. This video has over 5 million views since the 4th of…June. Pwned.

This final one is called “Real Life Mario Kart”, bringing back Mario Kart 64 in 2011. This video has over 11 million views since February 17…my birthday! 😀

Freddie has a bigger-than-life backstory behind him. He competed in the 2007 World Series of Video Games, walking away with first prize for Guitar Hero 2. (if you saw Arcade Dominator, you know he rules at GH.) He performed at YouTube Live in 2008, and is prone for guest stars in his videos, such as Ray William Johnson in “Troll Massacre”, and William and Dylan from KIDS REACT in “Jedi A-Holes Strike Back”. Onto the next star!


If you’re Brazilian, you can’t say you don’t know Joe Penna, or MysteryGuitarMan. He makes music out of stuff you wouldn’t expect to be musical, such as with balloons in “Pop”, with buildings in “Jumbo”, and with one thousand guitars in “1000 Guitars”. He has over 35 million channel views, and has surpassed the one-million-subscriber mark.

This first one is called “Bubble Rap”, consisting of lots of bubble wrap, a guitar, and DeStorm as the rapper. Over a million views since May 14, 2011.

The next one is “Pop”, which I told you is consisted of lots of balloons, and a piano. Almost at 3.5 million views since May 11, 2010.

The final one is “Happy Mouth”, featuring Joe singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” with the sounds conducted by his mouth, like a bass, an angelic choir, and hi-hats.

Joe has not only been in a McDonald’s Coke commercial, but he ranks as the ninth-most subscribed YouTuber to date, dethroning the Annoying Orange but being dethroned by Shane Dawson’s second channel. Now, our third and final star!


Epic Meal Time is from Canada, which is no surprise why they take foods to the total extreme. If you’re ever called down to lunch and you aren’t hungry, watch some Epic Meal Time and you’ll be hungrier than a starving Sim. Almost 25 million channel views and over a million subscribers as we speak. The eighth-most viewed in Canada, and the most gnarliest foods since Man vs Food…maybe even gnarlier.

The first one cooks up a meatball deathstar, a whole bunch of cooked pasta stuffed inside a meatball covered with cheese…your mouth started watering, right? If you ain’t down with meatballs, and you ain’t down with almost 3.5 million views (since December 14, 2010), you ain’t down to no nothing!

Next, sushi and fast food finally fuse together to create the ultimate “fast food sushi”. Since December 7, it has over 5 million views. おいしい! That’s Japanese for “delicious”!

The final video is just salad. Without all the healthy stuff. Take your greens, and turn them into teins…proteins! That’s right, we got a meat salad with flank steak lettuce, spiced-up pepperoni carrots, meatball radishes, cucumber sausages, and Epic Meal Time ain’t epic without bits…beer bacon bits!

And if you think this is a carnivore’s dream come true, it doesn’t stop there. They’re live at Comic Con, and you go to Netflix.com/bacon, and watch some Kevin Bacon! Am I right, Internet?


That marks the end of another video effective, musical, and tasty YouTube treasure. From now on, check back every other Friday (which means a treasure one Friday, a regular post the next, and then another treasure the next) for more YouTube treasures, mateys!

– Sam

p.s. Have I told you about my brother’s site? Probably not. It’s based on ways you can be successful in everyday life. From social medial abuse to the perfect relationship to letting go of a loved one, my brother Chris Mwakasisi could probably hook you up with some gnarly innovation.

Hey guys it’s Sam, sorry for the hiatus, I have been whipping up some new videos with my webcam! 😀 Anyways, I’m back with another YouTube Treasure (sorry if they’re getting old). I know. We’ve been having a YouTube fest. Emma Watson socking an interviewer, a finger frenzy, all the videos I included in my 4th of July celebratory post. I guess, now it’s more LOL! 😉 Now, this treasure is a test. An ultimate test…no, the ultimate test. The hardest challenge you’ll ever take. Harder than the Moron Test, even. Can you sit through these videos without laughing your head off? If you can, you are not only titled “stone hearted”, but you get two legendary Sammwak collectibles: an actual stone heart, and the pork pie hat of Buster Keaton, who in the 1900’s, was known as the “Great Stone Face”!

The videos, in their order, were a 4-second animation of the Rage Guy (published by sr50cent). For Rage fans, this video is hilarious, so why did it get only 130,000 views (since Sep 2010)?! It’s the best 4 seconds of your life; you just don’t know it yet. Sometime in the middle of the night you’ll wake up screaming, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” I just know you will.

The next one was a video from August 2009, with publisher bramslaets daring the viewer to watch it without laughing. (It’s really called, “try to watch this without laughing”. It had 2 years to become the next Nyan Cat, but it only racked up half a million views! How can you not enjoy a prancing rainbow Bunchie? When I first saw this, I was ROFLMFAO. Even Fick said, “Thanks to this video, I dream happy dreams of me dancing with Bunchies on a rainbow, thanks to this video” on Facebrook the other day.

The next one was a scene from the timeless comedy Napoleon Dynamite, when he dances his illegal government ninja butt off! There’s actually an awful lot of copies of the scene, let alone them being remade (one from mauricio890 getting over 2 million views!), but the real one from markthehat66 scored over half a million views since December 2010, which is pretty strong for a 6-month duration of time to get viral. (770,000 to be exact) And according to the video’s page on YouTube, it said that the video was seen on the channel The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper. Now that would be an article I’d tune into.

A “fans-have-been-waiting-for-this-so-long” video of Joe Jonas dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was next, racking up over 25 million views since June 2009 (a 2 week countdown to the release of their album, Lines, Vines, and Trying Times) coincidentally from JonasBrothersMusic. For 2 years for viral possibilities, that has to be one of the biggest online breakthroughs I’ve seen! (Shane Dawson even reacted to it!) It’s like “Bieber After the Dentist”—it had only one viral-possibility year, and look how well it did! 32 million views well!

The penultimate video, an Autotuned remix of CopperCab’s timeless “GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!” video, racked up 4 million views since February 2010 (coincidentally my birth month!) thanks to publisher placeboing. This has quickly become my most favorable Autotune remix ever (the grooviest, funniest, and second-shortest too)! And they obviously have to allow downloadable MP3 at Mediafire.com! But this will probably teach you a good message. You’ll wake up at midnight, saying, “Oh, gingers DO have souls!”

The final video, and the oldest, coolest, and EPIC WIN-est, dates all the way back to November 2005 from superbkid! It’s apparently a message, at a theater, before beginning 2005’s Chicken Little (conveniently, released in November!), telling the audience to turn off their phones in the most innovative way possible…Chicken Little dancing his tail feather off to O-Zone’s “Numa Numa”! Then, obviously, his phone rings halfway through the dance which leads him to get smushed. That’s 6 years ago, and it racked up a mind blowing 15 million views!…which is what I expected for a video like this. 😀 😀 😀


So, tell me guys: when did you laugh? (Leave a comment telling me when!) Don’t fake it. I know you cracked up one way or another. If you didn’t…slap yourself upside the head and get a sense of humor, buster! Just kidding…but seriously. If you didn’t crack a smile through the whole show…then congratulations! You have earned this achievement!…

Stone Hearted – Think you got what it takes to complete the ultimate test? Sit through the videos without cracking a smile! (50 BP)

…and these dandy collectible, again, a stone heart… …and the pork pie hat of the Great Stone Face himself, Buster Keaton! Absolutely priceless upon your success!

Check back for more tests, more treasures, and more time with me here at Sammwak!

– Sam

p.s. I’m going to be learning at VBS (Vacation Bible School) this coming week starting tomorrow (which means sleeping 9:00 pm-early >:-o), and this year’s theme is Operation Space! (Last year was The Egypt File, and the year before that was Gadget’s Garage, and so on.) So, first we contacted with God through a teen genius and his robot, then we contacted him in an Egyptian pyramid style, and now we contact with him in an intergalactic style? St. Mike just isn’t running out of ideas. 😉

Hey, it’s Sam, and we’ve dug up another YouTube treasure, mateys! Fans of Harry Potter? This treasure will leave you stupefied for more! Okay, so Hermione–sorry, Emma Watson–is getting interviewed for Prisoner of Azkaban. The interviewer mentions how Hermione “socked it to” Draco in the movie, and a good “sock” it was. And out of nowhere, he says that he wants Emma to punch him. I’m not lying. He really said it. You can even check the video if you want to. I don’t know how many 5-Hour Energies he had to drink to work up the nerve to say that. And amidst his begging, Emma really sucker punches him hard. Even costing him a couple teeth. If the tooth fairy comes tonight, that guy will be a thousandaire tomorrow morning. 😀

I mean seriously, when Muggles get mad, they get mad! Now, this video got almost 4.5 million views since its release back in January 2006 by christmassacre, so we’re all not really surprised how it went viral. Over 5,000 people liked this video, but almost 500 dislikes grew. Why are there any dislikes? Maybe, besides those overprotective parents. And again, the video isn’t even that long, it’s only almost a minute long. And to tie in, I’ll show you the other video of Hermione sucker punching Draco.

Now this video is almost at 50,000 views, so it’s not strongly viral otherwise. Even if it was released last year in April. When Sammwak basically started. But the surprising note of over 100 likes and absolutely no dislikes is a shocker of awesomeness. Good job, Pokehero2009. This mostly got comments about how Hermione did the sock-it-to-em on Draco, and how he deserved it, and how people kept pressing the seven button…

So this is an important life lesson: never mess with a Muggle, let alone Hermione. 😦 I even got this pic sent by her!

So, remember that, and I’ll see you when we dig up our next YouTube treasure! 😉

Later, Sam