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The last time we met over this, we were discussing how Adventure Time had crunched their entire first season into a 2-disc DVD, and how Regular Show crunched their most memorable episodes into their “Slack Pack” DVD. Well, believe it or not, just hours after the release of that post, I found more news. And I was flabbergasted when I saw that I’d have to be making a sequel to my already successful original. No, Adventure Time‘s second season DVD hasn’t come out yet. And no, Regular Show hasn’t made a proper first season DVD yet. They’re season-jumping once more–and this time may be the best of all.

I don’t even KNOW how to describe this cover. Were they, like, holding an art contest and picked the most disgusting entry they found?

The upcoming Adventure Time pack, Jake vs. Me-Mow (the third pack yet to be named after an episode), is probably the most intriguing non-season DVD yet. Like its predecessor, It Came from the Nightosphere, this DVD has 16 episodes that jump from the first to fourth seasons. I’m pretty sure they managed to cram it all onto one disc this time, but this time around is special–it comes with your own Finn hat! Imagine walking through school wearing this new dig–y’know, if they allow hats. Imagine how many friends you’ll score–y’know, if they’re into Adventure Time. Now, there’s not much time before the DVD releases, as it’s coming out this week on October 2. But it’ll probably have the most sales a random-compilation DVD’s ever gotten–a majority of it likely being for that darn hat! Now, as always, let’s peer through the episodes that you’ll need to be expecting on the DVD list. (Some of the episodes are season-one titles that I’ve already talked about, so let’s rule those ones out right now: “The Jiggler”, “What is Life?”, “His Hero”, and “Ocean of Fear”. Now, on with the show!)

Titlecard S3E16 jakevsmemow.jpg

  • Jake vs. Me-Mow” (S3 E16) – As the titular episode of the DVD, it is likely the most exceptional, important, and unique one to date. Especially since the title card and character of Me-Mow herself was developed by a wee Adventure Timer named Gunnar Gilmore! The show’s creator, Pendleton “Pen” Ward, accepted the idea since it was “so cute and was drawn by a tiny kid.” Well, I bet with enough work my drawings will be the basis of an Adventure Time episode one day! 😡 Anyway, the premise of the episode is that Jake is pigging out on one of Wildberry Princess’s pies, right? And all of a sudden, a tiny cat assassin named–obviously–Me-Mow appears in his pie. After introducing herself, the cat states that she is just a second-class assassin, and would get a full membership after the murder of a princess. So she hides in Jake’s nose, taking her poison syringe with her, and literally controls Jake into killing the Princess or getting killed himself…

Titlecard S2E18 susanstrong.jpg

  • Susan Strong” (S2 E18) – While uprooting taffy-tree stumps, Finn and Jake come across a strange metal hatch in the ground. They follow its path to an underground garbage-infested cave, which is actually inhabited with the tribe of the “Hyoomans”. (Sound it out. :-?) Among these Hyoomans is one Hyooman that Finn and Jake focus solely on. As Finn had mentioned the sun coming down into the cave, she tells them “su-sun” when they ask for her name, which is interpreted as Susan. After seeing her inhuman strength, F & J ultimately name her Susan Strong. When they decide to bring Susan to the surface to teach them about the world surrounding them–like with any beginner–they get more than they bargained for, and eventually they have to stop Susan from getting to the Candy Kingdom to–you know. 😦

Titlecard S2E21 bellyofthebeast.jpg

  • Belly of the Beast” (S2 E16) – When Finn and Jake’s Tree Fort gets all shook up, rudely awakening them from their slumbers, they find a firework-spewing beast outside the fort. After hearing cries from inside the beast, they decide to venture inside the behemoth’s body to rescue the victim–the victim actually being a bear who needs help putting up streamers. In fact, inside the monster’s stomach F & J find themselves inside an entire bear rave complete with flashing lights and fireworks, every partygoer seeming oblivious to the rave’s location. When they fail to get any attention with their statement, they decide to reconcile with the party’s patriarch–heh heh, its “party”-triarch–Party Pat (Andy Samberg), whom resides at the “blood waterbed” that is the beast’s heart. And besides, if Pat leaves, everyone follows. And not even a syrupy duet ballad from the two can save the bears from their possible fates. Let’s just say it involves a lot of lava… 😆

Titlecard S2E23 videomakers.jpg

  • Video Makers” (S2 E23) – You may not know it, but Finn and Jake hold their own annual nightly Finn and Jake Movie Club at their tree fort. Tonight they’re showing old Mushroom War-era flicks (the War was what made Ooo look all post-apocalyptic-y), but one thing is restricting them–and if you guessed copyrighting, you were correct. Realizing that they’ve been committing criminal actions of illegally showing copyrighted movies, they decide to cancel for the night (despite Jake believing the pre-War copyright was powerless) and eventually find a video camera after the Club, and decide to show their own movies at the club. The next day, Finn, Jake, BMO, and Princess Bubblegum all work together to create a movie. But while Finn wants a tense action-adventure, Jake–surprisingly–wants a syrupy romcom. 😐 And with every piece of footage Finn makes come criticism from Jake, and with every piece of footage Jake makes comes criticism from Finn, and so on. And left with the prestigious job of editor, BMO’s got his hands full over what to do–until he decides to quit the fight through the movie. (This episode will ultimately leave you saying “Check please”. Don’t ask why–unless you’re willing to put what you think that means in the comment section below.)

Titlecard S2E24 mortalfolly.jpg

  • Mortal Folly” (S2 E24) – After a session of meditating on the balcony, Finn and Jake are given special gems from Princess Bubblegum like the one in her tiara, set to protect them at where they were just about to go–the chamber of an evil sorcerer known as the Lich King, currently trapped in an amber prison. The gems’ protection purposes were that just staring at the Lich without this gem would possess you, similar to how anyone who dared to stare at Medusa turned to stone. Unfortunately, at this time the Waving Snail (you might have seen him in Easter eggs cameos in select episodes) crawls in, gets possessed, and slowly breaks the Lich’s amber prison and sets him free! Only left with the gems, the Gauntlet of Billy (Ooo’s greatest hero), and a pink sweater (for Finn as a token of affection, obviously), Finn and Jake must venture on what must be their most dangerous journey yet to prevent the Lich from regaining all his power. At the same time, they must break through an equally dangerous problem–the Ice King with his persistent pesters to receive a blessing to marry PB.

Titlecard S2E25 mortalrecoil.jpg

  • Mortal Recoil” (S2 E25) – Now, I’m gonna have to spoil what happened at the end of “Mortal Folly” or else “Mortal Recoil” really won’t make much sense. Y’see, after the Lich’s defeat, the Ice King decided to pick up PB to “set her free”–but only clumsily and rather stupidly dropped her into the Lich’s Well of Power. The effect of the boiling well melted her body through–remember, she’s Princess Bubblegum–but, despite what the title card foreshadows, she did not die. She was rushed to the Candy Kingdom’s hospital, and (in a scene resembling your average super-cheesy medical drama) she was thankfully revived although she briefly flatlined. Tons of people came to see her recover, including Finn, Jake, and the Ice King. And Finn got a new pack courtesy of the princesses as a token for beating the Lich! Finn’s really put the Ice King on his blacklist now–this was clearly seen at the hospital–but he and Jake offer to nurse PB back to health. But they find some strange occurings in PB’s behavior, like crawling, heavy breathing, convulsions and other spasms. But as the day goes on, it is shown that the Well really left its mark on PB, turning her into an altered beast that Finn and Jake must fight to save Ooo and every single lifeform in it.

Titlecard S3E5 tooyoung.jpg

  • Too Young” (S3 E5) – (This episode was nominated for a 2012 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program!) Now, I’ll have to spoil the finale of “Mortal Recoil” or else “Too Young” won’t make any sense. I know, total déjà vu, right? Or maybe extreme inception. Anyway, in “Recoil”‘s finale, PB was finally reassembled–but due to a shortage of pieces, she got a slight case of “Benjamin Button’s disease” and jumped back 5 years of age. This makes her ultimately thirteen–coincidentally, Finn’s age as well. Unfortunately, her age drop makes her too young to run the Candy Kingdom, so the Earl of Lemongrab takes her place. And he’s just as sour as he looks, his plots with the Kingdom and all. So PB and Finn are forced to cook up a plan to get Lemongrab out of here, even if it means making a decision that will change their lives forever. Ew, sounds like something I read off the back of a romance novel. 😦

Titlecard S4E2 fiveshortgraybles.jpg

  • Five Short Graybles” (S4 E2) – Now, this is probably the most unique Adventure Time episode yet. In fact, I’m not sure you could even call it an adventure at all. A strange man named Cuber shows you five short “Graybles” that are all connected in an initially unseen way that the viewer(s) must decipher. The Graybles are:
  • After hearing that Finn and Jake would be visiting the “grocery kingdom” for the hour, BMO decides to look in the mirror and share a conversation with his imaginary pal Football, impressing him with his “real boy” characteristics. (Wow, that makes me wonder if Pinocchio did this in his spare time. :D)
  • After wrapping up the first Grayble, Finn and Jake decide to celebrate by high-fiving. But it’s not enough. So throughout the second Grayble, Finn and Jake keep upping the amps with the caliber of their high-fives, until they come out with the “super ultimate high-five“.
  • PB attempts to craft the “perfect sandwich” for Cinnamon Bun using: cheese from a centrifuge-spun cow, lettuce from a chemically/perfectly shrunk head of lettuce, tomato from a jellyfish-balloon hybrid in a transportation machine, and bread from an incantation. She eventually deems the sandwich “the most ultimate sandwich that ever existed and ever will exist.”
  • Ice King decides to send Gunter away due to his “nasty booty” stinking up his ice fortress, but he eventually finds that it’s not Gunter that stinks–it’s him. So, after a shower accompanied with penguin pit-scrubbing, he apologizes to a soaked Gunter but finds the answer to why his pits so abruptly stank…
  • Lumpy Space Princess is sure that her rendition of “These Lumps” would dominate the Candy Kingdom Talent Show. But when the act before her plays the exact same song (and rather well, at that) she is roped into an awkward and sticky situation. But when she discovers an unexpected and unseen talent, she catches the win from MC Peppermint Butler–well, until Finn and Jake finish their “super ultimate high five”.

Titlecard S3E17 thankyou.jpg

  • Thank You” (S3 E17) – (This episode was nominated for a 2012 Annie Award for Best Animated Special Production!) They celebrated Christmas with “Holly Jolly Secrets”, they celebrated Halloween with titles like “From Bad to Worse”, now they actually celebrated last year’s Thanksgiving! And they celebrated it with a truly heartwarming and unique premise: the Snow Golem makes his third and most crucial appearance in this episode (after the original short and “Prisoners of Love”, respectively) as he decides to make his tranquil life a bit more exciting by taking a lost Fire Wolf pup under his wing. The message of the episode is that, no matter how much snow melts you get, even the most differentiated pair can share a strong friendship. Meanwhile, Finn and Jake are fruitlessly attempting to break through the Ice King’s armor layers to get back for having their sandwiches stolen. In the name of all that’s on TV, why do these two get so worked up over small things like sandwich theft?!

Titlecard S4E10 goliad.jpg

  • Goliad” (S4 E10) – Eternal life is, obviously, impossible to achieve for any normal human. But it is possible as long as you’re someone like God, Jesus, or Skips. And it’s even gotten to PB’s head what the Candy Kingdom would do when she was gone–especially after her brush with death in “Mortal Folly”. So she creates her successor and heir to her throne, which she shows to Finn and Jake. This heir is Goliad, a Candy Sphinx with a mound on her forehead and the voice of a cute little British child. After realizing that PB’s been up for more than 3 days in a row constructing and teaching Goliad without a wink of sleep, Finn and Jake decide to monitor Goliad. They take her down to a preschool where they build an obstacle course–f-for the kids, not Goliad. But when Jake is forced to yell at the kids to stop them from assaulting him, Goliad decides to imitate his harsh ways in the thought of leadership. When Finn tries to convince Goliad to use her mind before her mouth, she reveals the mound on her forehead to be a third eye, which she begins to use for psychically darker purposes…twisted

Titlecard S3E25 dadsdungeon.jpg

Dad’s Dungeon” (S3 E25) –  This feels like nothing but a sequel or follow-up or counterpart or something to “Dungeon” back from season one. Anyway, in the episode Finn and Jake’s dad Joshua (really shoulda watched “Boom Boom Mountain” now, huh?) has them navigate through a fight-filled dungeon meant to toughen Finn–with timely updates from Joshua via Holo-Message Player. Unfortunately, Joshua leaves Jake with his hands tied when he is directed and forced to try and hold back Finn in the dungeon. Although I’m happy their dad’s back, I never thought of him as the antagonist! 😕

Titlecard S2E14 thesilentking.jpg

  • The Silent King” (S2 E14) – After Finn and Jake get rid of the spank-happy tyrant of a goblin king, Xergiok, they are taken to the Goblin Kingdom’s palace where they meet the royal goblin chief-of-staff, Gummy. Gummy begs Finn to be the new goblin king, and also tells off that they are ill-accustomed to any act of compassion, since Xergiok spanked their butts so often he could’ve ran away to Sir Mix-a-Lot and made a remix on “Baby Got Back”! Finn initially rejects the offer, but seeing the goblin community would eventually form a riot and then be destroyed without a king, he decides to take the offer with Jake as his “goblin queen”. Gummy shows F & J around the things they are royally entitled to, like a birthing chamber and an advanced gaming system (:D), and also suggests they read the Book of Royal Rules, which they easily don’t. But the next morning, it’s shown that the goblin kingdom rules restrict even the kings to do pretty much anything: brushing their teeth, cutting or chewing their own food, they can’t even help someone who’s being robbed. But Finn wants to show that an active king is a proper king, especially when Xergiok has decided to return…


So this is all you need to know about the DVD future of Adventure Time. They start hitting stores tomorrow, so save your dollars now and be one of the first to show off their fancy Finn hat! Remember, that’s 16 episodes on one disc for a favorably low price. Pretty soon, I might be telling you about Reg Show‘s DVD future–but who knows if they even have any DVDs planned yet? Well, I’m gonna leave you with that question to ponder upon, and make sure to tune in next time for more awesomeness courtesy of Sammwak! (Remember, I really don’t know when I’m releasing these days [ugh, school], so make sure you have an active email subscription. If not, start today!)

Stay classy America,

~S~ 😎

Video of the Week: If any of you ever saw WCG Ultimate Gamer, you may have seen a contestant named Adande–or as his gamertag dubbed him, “Swoozie”. Well, although it’s been a while since WCG, he’s still got a strong YouTube channel today with nearly half a million subscribers and over 60 million video views! But 1/6 of that fame came from one series. An animated coming-of-age comedy series that, altogether, racked up 10 million hits! And 2/5 of that came from this one video. The start of the series. It is Swoozie’s history of–cheating in middle school. But you’ll find that it’s incredibly hilarious cuz it’s true, so go check out some more of Swoozie’s stuff at  (subscribe if possible), but for now shove this in your face.

Not satisfied with your main entree? Try some sides ;):

p.s. I got the idea to put this up—N-n-no, I saw this to begin with thanks to my good friend Henry. Y’see, he’s followed my footsteps (who wouldn’t? :roll:) and started his own blog! Check his awesomeness out @ http://henryyesme.wordpress.com/


Hey guys it’s Sam, and after an experience with my brother’s iPhone last night, I took a look at the list of achievements, and got a little inspired. Like a literal light bulb was lit over my head. And I’m here today to share that idea, inspiration, or “light bulb” with you today! No, despite the title, it is not another look iNSiDE the iPhone. (but stay tuned for those on Sammwak! :D) It’s something even better…a whole list of achievements for the brain-munching iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies to not only feed on the taste of success, but on more blogger points! If you don’t have an iPhone, then…pffff….just invest in $428.00! 😉


boldfaced – ones from the real iPhone version

Note: Not all of the achievements. And sprinkled with the Sam Mwakasisi Loves This (SMLT) seal of approval!

Home Lawn Security – Complete adventure mode. (30 BP)

Spudow! – Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine. (5 BP)

Explodonator – Blow up ten zombies with a single Cherry Bomb. (15 BP)

Morticulturalist/Master of Morticulture – Collect all forty-nine types of plants (including those from Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies). (25 BP)

Don’t Pea in the Pool – Complete a daytime pool level without using Peashooters of any kind. (20 BP)

Roll Some Heads – Bowl over five zombies with a single Wallnut in Wallnut Bowling. (20 BP)

Grounded – Complete a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants. (25 BP)

Zombologist – Discover the Zombie Yeti. (15 BP)

Penny Pincher – Collect thirty coins in a single level without letting one disappear. (18 BP)

Popcorn Party – Defeat two Gargantuars with Corn Cob Missiles in a single level. (22 BP)

Good Morning – Complete a daytime level planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans. (20 BP)

No Fungus Among Us – Complete a nighttime level without planting Mushrooms. (18 BP)

Last Mown Standing – Defeat the final zombie in a level with a lawnmower. (15 BP)

20 Below Zero – Immobilize twenty zombies with a single Iceshroom. (24 BP)

Flower Power – Keep ten Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level. (16 BP)

Pyromaniac – Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies. (18 BP)

Lawn Mower Man – Kill ten zombies with a single lawnmower. (16 BP)

Chill Out – Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you’ve got a level to destroy 3 Bobsleds, it’s Jalapeno time! (20 BP)

Defcorn 5 – Build five Cob Cannons in a single level. (16 BP)

Monster Mash – Crush five zombies with a single Squash. (24 BP)


But that’s not all the achievements! Check back this week for more brain-dead accomplishments, and more ways to get a full plate of blogger points! What…what’s that?…well, you don’t say! 😀 You want a couple more achievements just to fill your stomach? 2 more achievements, coming up, with a special side serving of two tablespoons of the Sam Mwakasisi Loves This (SMLT) seal of approval!

Blind Faith – Complete an extremely foggy level without planting Planterns or Blovers. (28 BP)

Pool’s Closed – Complete a pool level without using water plants. (25 BP)


Check back for the humor that fans loved, the achievements that zombies crave, and more on Sammwak, where E =  mc2 is my formula for awesomeness!

– Sam

p.s. Help donate to the Inside iPhone Fund to help raise money, power, and courage to make another delve inside the iPhone. With your subscription, we can change the world. Every action starts a chain reaction. One million begins with one.

Hey guys, it’s Sam back from a long, rough computer ban! (Don’t ask why.) Sorry for being absent otherwise, but I have a juicy post in store for YOU! And–I can’t help it!–I LOVE TO DANCE! I’m a dancer. I got the dancing parasite, and there’s only one cure…busting moves! And, according to the city, that’s why people bought the Kinect.

You know why? People, including me, were hype for the new game Dance Central and its first jump into full-body gaming. People already proclaim it the best game of its kind. But there’s also this other new video game coming out. A video game that makes the second jump into full-body gaming. I can’t say it all now, but here’s one thing–it’s a real experience!


That’s right. Michael Jackson: The Experience is the next gas station on the road of the Kinect’s brand-new full-body dancing formula. It’s playable for the Kinect, the Wii, the PSP, and even the DS and PS3. It got mixed to positive critical feedback, and contains a bunch of Michael Jackson’s plentiful hits, such as “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal”, and “Dirty Diana”. Every launch of the game will even come with a replica of Michael’s sequined glove! Who wouldn’t want to dance without his glove?

I’m also mad for one part. You know why? The Experience thinks the Kinect is some joke! I have proof!

  • In the Kinect edition, you play as some weird ghostly dancer with some weird ghostly backups!
  • In the Wii edition, you actually get to BE Michael Jackson with REAL backups!
  • In the Kinect edition, you’re only limited to one player at a time!
  • In the Wii edition, you get to go up to FOUR players!
  • In the Kinect edition, you can sing along to songs!
  • In the Wii edition, you can actually PUT UP the lyrics!
  • In the Kinect edition, the sensor tracks your whole body!
  • In the Wii edition, it tracks you, but PUTS YOU UP in your own MJ video!
  • The Kinect edition was developed by Ubisoft Montreal!
  • The Wii edition was developed by Ubisoft Montpelier and PARIS!

See what I mean? The Wii is trying to beat out the Kinect. I know! It’s revenge for poor sales and a defeat to the Xbox 360! It’s simple math! And another thing is that the Wii version is already out RIGHT NOW and has been since November 2010! The Kinect version is still “hanging in there” until this coming Wednesday! How unfair is that? Looks like we’re going to have to protest to Ubisoft Montreal. This, my friend, is why.

And I’m going to end this war once and for all. YOU will vote for your favorite version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, and we’ll see who gets the supremacy! (You may want to deepen your experience on YouTube. :D)

We’ll come back to declare the real experience! The impostor will crawl on its belly and eat dust for all the days of its life! 😡 (What, I can’t talk Bible?)

With all due respect,

Sam the Decider

p.s. Did you know that in the DS version, there’s a PIRATE VERSION? When this is detected, the game won’t display any notes and a vuvuzela sound loop will play with the music? The case was finally cracked within 24 hours of release. Talk about WORLD CUP FEVER! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ;D



Hello, all and I’m starting a new segment that I was planning long ago, but scrapped. But now, I’m fishing it out of the trash and putting it here on Sammwak! This segment is “Pic of the Day”, a segment where I put up a humorous image, and request you to comment on it and vote on the polls for their opinions. Today’s pic is powered from annoyingorange.com, where you can get hilarious fan photos 24/7. This post’s pic of the day is…

This was a hilarious find because it was the perfect spoof of Plants vs. Zombies, but with a fruity twist! If you were as prone as me, you’d be doubling over. You would be LOL. You would be ROTFL. You would be LMAO. You would be ROTFLOL. You’d be OMGWTFBBQ by now. But anyways, if you’re as prone as me still, please do leave a comment about this image, because it was either this or Paranormal Fruitivity.

Also feel free to vote:

That, my friend, is the pic of the day. If I’m not too lazy, check back for a post every day. Because no opinion is the fact.

Sincerely yours,


Who can forget that old cheesy William Shakespeare, the greatest writer the 1560’s ever knew. He is still known today for such plays like The Tempest, Julius Caesar, and Much Ado About Nothing. But the one that has still moved us to tears for centuries is the tragedy Romeo and Juliet, presumably the most famous Shakespearean play (let alone tragedy) ever written. But this is not about a sad, sad Shakespearean play. It’s about a funny, funny CGI movie coming next month. Have you ever wondered what all those darn old garden gnomes and flamingos did while you were away? From thence comes…

Gnomeo and Juliet features two garden gnomes (Gnomeo and Juliet, of course) that are in a forbidden love. They hope to find happiness and deflect tragedy as they are caught in a feud between neighbors. It’s the red vs. the blue! According to Box Office Mojo, this movie is rated G (appropriate for all), and is the first film with this rating, also the first family film, since the 90s’ The Nightmare Before Christmas. So it’s been a good eighteen years since a G-rated movie ever reached Touchstone Pictures.

The movie is being edited by Catherine Apple, the studios are Rocket Pictures and Starz Animation, and it will be released in both the U.S. and the U.K. If you want to get hopping over to the movies, start on February 11, 2011, because that’s when the movie’s hitting theaters.

Also, the soundtrack will release 3 days before the movie, featuring artists like Chris Bacon and Lady Gaga. If you want a bigger peek, click here!

Sincerely yours,


Hey all, it is Sam. And I finally have another game review for all! Sorry it’s been weeks (yeah, you heard me, WEEKS) since I ever released a review. I am just lazy…TOO lazy. But now, I’m actually NOT procrastinating and doing what I love best…or something. If you’ve read any of the six slam-bang Scott Pilgrim books by the epic Bryan Lee O’Malley (perfect homages of video gaming, some have said), you’ll root for this slam-bang brawler classic. If you’re a fan of fighting games, you’ll love…

None other than Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. This is a great stage of evolution from the graphic novels, and a great tie-in to the 2010 comedy of the same name, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Access to the website starts here: http://www.scottpilgrimthemovie.com/

In this slam-bang beat-em-up, you travel from world to world in hopes of defeating Ramona Flower’s seven evil ex-boyfriends, who have come out to vanquish Scott. You can play with a maximum of three more friends as Scott Pilgrim, Knives Chau (a downloadable), Ramona Flowers, or Stephen Stills. Also, as an additional matter, you can play as the unlockable Nega-Scott, Scott’s alter-ego dark side. Characters have their own movesets, which can be lengthened by gaining enough experience, and are also able to use weapons. Each player has Heart Points and Guts Points, that of which can revive players if they are K.O.’ed, or be used to perform special moves such as summoning Knives. Players can also enter Subspace areas which act as bonus areas where extra coins can be earned. During cooperative play, players can revive fallen companions, give each other health or money and simultaneously taunt for a combined attack. Various cheat codes unlock extra features, such as a Boss Rush and a Survival Horror mode.

Just letting you know, these are how many butts Scott kicked....and CAN kick.

And get this. Defeating enemies lead to earning coins, which can be spent at A SHOP to replenish your health. I’m not lying. If I were lying, this wouldn’t have been featured. This is all 100% true. And if you’re a Debby Downer and STILL don’t believe me, here’s proof of Scott ordering…

I want a Rainbow Maki, and make it snappy!

Now, do you believe me?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game has already gotten a jump-start onto XBLA for just 800 Microsoft Points, which is the cheapest XBLA game I’ve seen, respectively. If you want, you can get the game for this little price on such short notice and have a good time kicking love where it hurts!

L8trs, Sam


Hey guys it’s Sam and I need your help. Christmas is 20 days away, and I’m working on my wishlist. After playing the trial this morning, I may start believing that Plants vs. Zombies is getting pretty cool. I even now know a strategy to get sun quicker to plant plants quicker. So basically these are a handful of Pro-Tips.

Fed up with zombies eating your brains? Here’s a tip that could just save your life. Always–and I mean, ALWAYS (like, write this down, bud)–have at least 3 Sunflowers on your lawn. Sunflowers give you sun without all the stress, and quicker too. How I do it? 3 rows of 6 Sunflowers, 2 Sunflowers a row (3 times 2 = 6). But when zombies start barging in, don’t be planting more Sunflowers. Plant a Peashooter–BUT (this is extremely important, you better have your writing utensil ready)–in the zombie’s lane. A Peashooter is worthless when it’s not aimed directly at the zombie. Oh, and don’t plant it in the back. Plant it 2 moves away (space for Sunflowers, kid!) to the right on either the D-pad or joystick. So your Sunflowers can still be giving you sun for more plants, but your Peashooters can still be holding off the amount of zombies on your lawn. Pretty soon, you’ll be getting new plants, such as Walnuts (the defenders for your plants) and Cherry-bombs (the plants that blow up all the zombies on the lawn as soon as they’re planted).

Now, you can mess with those tips I just gave you. But I need you to do another task for me. I need you to vote whether I should put this game on my Christmas wishlist or not. Because it’s a console game, and it’s also an XBLA game that charges 1200 Microsoft Points. Help guys, because fans’ opinion is the best opinion of them all. (For me.) Here’s the poll that you must decide in. Take your time to think it through. Once you vote there’s no turning back…

Here’s a gift for all your trouble: http://www.popcap.com/games/free/pvz

At the crack of the week of Christmas, I’ll check back and see what you have to say, and I’ll decide whether it’s worth putting on or not!

L8trs, Sam